Monday, December 12, 2005

Holy 1950's Mentality Batman!!

I was just surfing over here and I see what I find to be an unusual situation with the IBOIA.

There's various committees, starting with:

The Board Of Directors (Look at that...a gaggle of Gods)

The Executive Committee (Billy Florence looks a tad retarded there)

Awards and Recognition Committee (Greg Duncan seems to puff out for every picture)

Business Operations Committee (Thanks for spreading your legs for the fans Crawford, real nice)

The Multicultural International Committee (Nice blue suit and brown shoes Dornan)

(Snort) Legal and Ethics Committee ( I see Jody Victor knows enough to keep his hand over his pocket around the other diamonds)

Hearing and Disputes Committee (See, the two in the front keep their hands over their pockets around other diamonds!)

Marketing Advisory Committee ( I won't pick on the ladies..they're probably just doing what their husbands told them to do)

Do any of you notice something completely obvious and yet out of place with the 21st Century?

Why is it that there seems to be no co-ed committees? Don't they trust one another with their wives?

I'll bet not too many companies don't have a mix of males and females on their various committees. It's a pretty good example of how the old boy's club isn't dead, even when you hit the big time.

You'd think that if a female had a dispute going through the committee, she'd appreciate a female on the board hearing her side of the story.

You'd think the males would have something to offer in the Marketing Advisory Committee. After all, I'm sure some men consume Amway Products, no?

My childish immature comments aside, does anyone else think this is weird? I don't think too many businesses run that way anymore.

Maybe there is such a place called Stepford after all.


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