Sunday, October 23, 2005

Where Do They Go?

I was just thinking tonight about some of the commenters on QBlog's site. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few that are no longer there.

"Chris" - Who refused to see anything wrong with Amway/Quixtar. Novelesque posts, and shameless (overpriced) product promotions were his forte.

"Jennifer Lee" - Who seemed to have her act together, but couldn't answer the really hard questions (not that many can)

"Emminem" - Who started off hot to trot, but just sort of petered out.

"Ryan Hicks" - Either wised up or is still on the apparantly infalliable path to diamond.

"Tony" - Who thought a lot of things, but rarely came up with any new material. This Kung Fu ninja wannabe is off the wall, but passionate. I think his ideas are not very well thought out, but I do admire his passion, in kind of a weird way.

What the hell happens to these people? I personally think "Chris" was some sort of damage control flunky, but the rest, I mean, really, where are they now?

Are they still in? Do they still read QuixtarBlog? Why are they silent? Are they embarrassed about their involvement with Quixtar?

Even more importantly to me, did they choose to continue on and discount everything they were told? Or did they quit because they learned the truth?

Are they upset? If so, at who? Me? Other Critics? Quixtar? Amway? Diamonds who have moved on to bigger and better things? The motivational business Kingpins?

You'll notice that this particular post has a lot of questions. If you have any answers, I'd love to hear from you.

I don't think I'm the only curious person out there.

Am I?


Anonymous Frankenberry said...


Tony is back. go to the link on Quixtar chatter about the open letter to Amway, Tony posted there, nothing you haven't seen before.

25 October, 2005 22:31  
Blogger Imanewme said...

Tony's also posted at the link on Quixtar chatter about the newlyweds. That's a fun one, because it's Tony minus the insults. Great blog, by the way!

26 October, 2005 10:27  
Blogger David Robison said...

I haven't been that frequent in comments and postings at Qblog, but maybe you'd still be interested in my answers:

"Are they still in?"

Yep. I'm still in; in fact, I just renewed for 2006

"Do they still read QuixtarBlog?"

Everyday, sometimes twice a day, plus accessing the "news" feed featured at the blog.

"Why are they silent?"

Sometimes the "debates" and discussions that take place in the "Comments" section are just not interesting enough to join in. Lately among "pros" and "cons" alike, the issues and stances are more or less rehash of the same POV. Kinda like watching a re-run.

"Are they embarrassed about their involvement with Quixtar?"

Nope not all. But while some IBOs consider their business a hobby, and while some critics consider Quixtar something even less than a hobby, but talking about Quixtar an enjoyable hobby; I just can't seem to be able to "talk" about Quixtar every day. I'd rather work at my job, conduct my Quixtar business, and occaisonally comment on MLM and Quixtar at my blog and Qblog when it's relevant.

"Even more importantly to me, did they choose to continue on and discount everything they were told? Or did they quit because they learned the truth?"

I never discount anything a critic might say, but I also work on a different "truth" level, that can be both true and ethical.

"Are they upset? If so, at who?"

I'm not upset. It's almost Friday, who can be upset when the weekend is almost here?

27 October, 2005 18:28  
Blogger Joecool18 said...

What did happen to Ryan Hicks. He was the most brainwashed IBO I've ever seen. For the memories, here's one of his last posts:

Ryan> I am half way to eagle. I registered a couple of really good friends I went to highschool last year with. My upline said that I don't need to go to university, all that will get me is a useless piece of paper. The best case sceranco there is that I get a JOB.
I AM going to be retiring in the next 6 mths no matter what you guys say. Greg said in a night owl that the world is full of people trying to tear other people down and that's all you guys are doing. Well, I won't let you win.
I was having problems with my parents and they kicked me out because I chose not to go to university. My upline said that it was for the best and helped me find a place to live. These people really care about me and my future. Why would they want to hurt me.
And by the way I hit personaly 750pv last mth! So there!
Posted by: Ryan Hicks at July 27, 2005 08:29 PM

21 November, 2005 17:35  

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