Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ray Kroc Said It...

It's time once again for the weekly successful person quote. Again, we're going with Ray Kroc.

Kroc is describing the challenges faced during the period before the McDonald's Company went public. His partner and he were having minor disagreements about how to control the company.

At this point, McDonald's had 637 stores, and it was becoming more difficult to keep on top of all the business matters, since the Co. was headquartered out of Chicago. Kroc and the future CEO and Prsident of McDonald's, Harry Sonneborn did not agree on how to direct the franchisors.

"Harry didn't quite see things my way on these matters. He wanted tighter corporate controls, a more authoritarian posture. I maintained that authority should go with a job. Some wrong decisions may be made as a result, but that's the only way you can encourage strong people to grow in an organization. Sit on them and they will be stifled. The best ones will go elsewhere"

What is the way to succeed in Quixtar? It seems that people who make a lot of money off of the motivational business feel differently than a REAL successful business owner. The Quixtar "leaders" do not think that "Independant" business owners need bother thinking for themselves.

Craig Loupelle "We used everything the Yager system offers - no picking and no choosing, no adapting, no innovating. We followed the system exactly"

Louie Carrillo "Do you want to be wealthy in Amway? Do you want to stand on the stage and claim victory over your life..and claim it that you overwhelmed whatever challenge you had?... Do you really want to do that? You'll have to come to a dream weekend. You'll never make it without a major function."

Jonathan Ritzen "My whole goal here is to make sure I do the best job I can do to duplicate what I have been taught.....I'm duplicating a rubber stamp that's already been made. It's not my role to change that duplicatable rubber stamp, or else I will fail and everybody behind me will fail too."

I thought Quixtar was supposed to be "your business"? If it's my business, then why is everything so set in stone? Why can't IBO's decide how to build their own business?

Quixtar "It's not just a business ... it's your business."

So if it's your business, why do people who obviously have something to gain tell you how to make them money?

Diamonds and Ray Kroc have NOTHING in common. Kroc had integrity, guts, courage, stick-to-itiveness. He created something real. He created something that is successful based on what it is.

Diamonds are not free thinkers. They are told what to do, when to do it, and their whole lives, based on what I've seen, are essentially a lie. Even if they do make a bunch of money, it's not like it's an honest living. Everyone knows that the money they have is from selling useless motivational crap. This is NEVER included when the plan is shown.

I look at it more simply

Quixtar "leaders" are icing.

Ray Kroc, and other hardworking REAL business owners are the Cake.


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