Friday, September 23, 2005

The Conspiracy Theorist

I need to clear something up with the dingbat. Dude, I don't know what the hell is up with you, but I did not leave those URL's on your site. Trace them, it ain't me. Trace them, then deal with that guy.

How in the hell am I a Troll? You linked me to your site under the word troll. I haven't left a comment on your website since I soundly defeated you in a little banter, which ended when you lifted the option of anonymous comments. That's a good idea, by the way. End conversations you can't win.

You seem to run into difficulty when challenged on anything

Please define what you mean by "Trolling Behavior"

Believe me, I have better things to do than try to sabotage your little venture.

I'd tell you to go pound sand, but I've been given a great idea from your blog!

You'll love it! It's AWESOME!!(awesome is an overused Amway word, actual idea may not be awesome)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why are you "bothered" by my blog? seems you have some sort of issues with ME. Why? dude, I don't know you, I care LESS about you, I really DON'T care! Why are you so bothered with my blog? Because I am an IBO who thinks positively?

If I was a critic, you'd LOVE my blog!

Dude, like I said before, IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY BLOG , then stay the hell off it. Your blog is lame if your always going to be commenting about my pathetic little BLOG. Your considered a TROLL flat out. You don't care what the original post is, or even care about the author's viewpoint, you only care about YOUR viewpoint!!!

24 September, 2005 08:16  
Blogger rocket said...


I am not bothered by your blog. I get a tremendous amount of entertainment from it.

I have no issue with you.

When have I ever said I don't like your blog? I'm hardly one to judge blogging.

You still did not specify what exactly a troll is. See there's where the problem is. You are asked a very pointed question, and never answer directly. Why is that. All I wanted to know is what you mean by trolling?

PS, when you are saying "you are", it is spelled "you're" not "your".

"Your" can be used when indicating possessiveness, ie "Your bike"

How I remember it is the apostrophe is like taking the place of the "a" in are..."you're"

Anyhoo, what is a troll?

24 September, 2005 13:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Definition of a Troll:

To "troll" in the world of the internet is to lurk on a discussion board(or blog comments) and make deliberate, unrelated and inflammatory comments, to which other posters feel they must reply, so that it ruins the original intent of the post.

That is one basic definition of a troll. If you look back on the posts, your comments were exactly that. So if you don't like my blog, please don't read it, I highly invite you not to.

I will apologize for casting blame on you for the pornographic trackbacks, however my rules still stand.

I understand you are new to the blogging community and I am not considered a seasoned journalist or blogger by any means. I don't need to be corrected for every little thing I write. This is just an online journal. Rocket, I am not telling you how to run your blog, or even how to run your life. Just leave mine alone.

24 September, 2005 18:04  
Blogger rocket said...

Interesting definition of a troll. I don't think it applies to me, though.

I think that I'll just keep doing what I want.

You can too Michael, nothing's stopping you.

25 September, 2005 16:09  

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