Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ray Kroc Said It..........

I was having a tough time making my point here. It does get wordy, and if you hang in there, you should catch my drift.

One person Amway/Quixtar folks tend to dwell on when presenting their "opportunity" is Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's. They compare their "businesses" to mini franchises, like McDonald's did.

Whether or not an individual Quixtar business falls under the term franchise is very much up for debate, but we aren't going to discuss that today. What I'd like to do is present a quote from Ray Kroc, who was a very successful and accomplished man, insofar as his business endeavors.

In this passage, Kroc is explaining how he would sell his Multimixers, which is what he did prior to venturing forth with the McDonald brothers expansion.

"I didn't bother setting sales goals for Multimixer. I didn't need any artificial incentives to keep me working at top speed. My estimate of when I was having a good year was when I sold 5,000 units. I had several of those. One year-1948 or 1949-I sold 8,000."

So what I get from reading this, and based on my life experiences, if you truly believe in what you are doing, you don't require fabricated motivation. I didn't have to listen to some guy on a tape every day to achieve the career I am now involved in. I wanted it, and just did what it took to get there.

If Ray Kroc was able to achieve his McDonald's empire without ever hearing Dexter Yager, Don Wilson, Mark Crawford or Bill Britt speak on a tape or at a motivational rally, is there a chance someone else can be successful without those "leaders" as well?

Ever hear of Bill Gates?

I guess the "leaders" feel a need to create a belief in the Amway/Quixtar IBO's mind.

Funny how "Grinding It Out was a book of the month for a while in a few organizations.

I will be showing a few more passages from Ray Kroc which seem to go against the Amway Quixtar grain.


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