Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Measuring Success? Rebuttal....

Just when he had graduated from Dingbat status, he had to try and piss me off. There are so many things wrong with what Dingbat wrote today, but I'll just snag a few.

"In my experience the best way to measure how successful you are is by looking at how many people rubbish you. How many people criticise what you stand for. How many people go out of their way to ridicule you."

So if I am a crack dealer, and people criticize me, I'm successful? If I break into people's homes and steal things, I'm successful because I'm criticized? Yeah, judges are not people to be judging...

Ahh, here's another gem....

"It doesn't matter to them that given the same opportunity that you grasped and worked for they would have let pass as being too difficult. No. The point is they just can't resist complaining and criticising."

Um...No. I see your little opportunity as non-viable. That's all. You can dream all you want. It's not what you're hoping it is, that's all. You still have yet to present to me a diamond who made it by way of doing retail. It's because there isn't one.

This one kinda pisses me off....

"They want to go through life on minimum effort so the last thing they need is you showing them that by making effort you can succeed. To them the fruits of their labors are simple and regular, they don't need you and people like you showing that with a little commitment the fruits of your labor can be enormous. They do not need people like you showing the world what is possible."

Again, you know nothing about me. How do you know that I produce minimum effort? How do you know that I don't go above and beyond in anything? I should smack your name right out of the phone book for insinuating that. You have absolutely no idea what you speak of. So shut it.

You may be successful Mikey, but you still have a job, so until you become free, like your leaders on my new link, save your little stage talks for when you produce something more than a webpage that talks about it, but accomplishes nothing. Until you are what you want to be, you're just talking.

You must understand that just because people don't agree with you, it does not mean they're wrong. Examine the realities. It's not going to happen for you dude, seriously.

That's It. You're back to Dingbat Status.

End Of Rant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good maybe you'll get pissed off enough to quit blogging about my "rinky dink" business.

Hook, line, sinker...

04 October, 2005 17:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also rocket,

If my blog is "so little" why do you insist on blogging about it?

04 October, 2005 17:21  
Blogger rocket said...

I think it's super that you feel it's OK to comment on other people's blogs, such as mine and QBlog's, yet have turned off comments on your own blog.

04 October, 2005 19:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would leave the comments on if you weren't such an ass and didn't try and ruin my blog(and my character) at every possible chance you got with your very hurtful and pointed questioning.

Does every post of yours have to be a comment about my blog? I was trying to use a subtle approach to try and tell you to just leave me alone. That is all I ask. You are right, I don't know you, and you do not know me. You seem to like to make assumptions about people you don't even know. I was just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Look, I really don't care if you go after Quixtar, but to go after one IBO you really don't know? It's going to make you look rather foolish and frankly quite pathetic.

04 October, 2005 21:21  

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