Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Name, My Kingdon For A Name...

Thanks to Truth and xanadustc for their assistance with the prices. Anyone else out there who can provide an IBO # and password would be great!

I need a cool name for a project I'm going to work on. In the 80's they had stuff like the Manhatten Project, etc.. so I'm looking for a cool name to call my experiment. Any feedback will be considered, even from ?!

My plan is to take 1 week, and chronicle everything I use, then compare those things' cost with Quixtar. It should be interesting.

There are a number of things you cannot obtain from Quixtar's site, if you are not an IBO. I'm not sure if the prices they show are the IBO or retail prices. One item I think is rather pertinent is the shipping cost. I searched high and low on the Quixtar Canada website, to no avail. I even phoned the customer service line, asking for shipping costs. The CS rep attempted to direct me to the shipping costs on line, but then she realized that it was not accessible to non-IBO's. I didn't want to take up any more of her time, even though she tried hard to direct me to the shipping dept., who were apparantly at lunch. The customer service rep. I spoke to was very nice, and I believe tried to be helpful.

So I guess what kinda bugs me is that someone deciding on whether or not they want to get involved is really at the mercy of their sponsor, and what the sponsor decides to disclose. Any business that was attempting to promote itself to a potential investor/partner would lay it all out on the line.

If they don't, the investor will likely wonder why not. A smart investor would not participate without all the facts.

I think there's a reason that prices aren't talked about until the person is "in". I think the reason for that is that the prices are not competitive.

Trying to fix up my email link so I can be reached. I don't get what's wrong, but I'll figure it out.

Later, Skaters


Blogger Loser said...

LOL, dingbat (former link title was, I just dunno man) :)

07 October, 2005 00:39  
Blogger xanadustc said...

Greetings Rocket,

It would appear the shipping fees went up rather significantly since I ordered last. I will be emailing you that form as well. I assume you still need it.

P.S. I will be doing a similar thing, only I am going to go by product line. Should be fun. Check in soon, I will have one up today or tomorrow I hope.


10 October, 2005 16:01  

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