Thursday, October 13, 2005

Doing Something But Not

You know what I think bothers me most about Quixtar being considered a real business?

You are lauded for attending the funtions and listening to tapes, but you aren't really doing anything.

You are doing what it takes, but you aren't doing anything. Really.

Listening to a tape can hardly be considered doing what it takes. Going to a seminar is helpful to many businesses, but as long as you are moving product and creating sustainable volume, the seminars are negligable.

When you drive 200 miles 1 way to STP, you may not be successful, and the person may be smart enough not to get involved. You've driven 400 miles for nothing, and probably wasted 2 hours in between showing the biz. You can NEVER get that time back, despite what the "leaders" may claim.

In a REAL business, when you drive 200 miles 1 way, rest assured, it's for a specific purpose, and not for a fishing expedition. If not, a few of those 200 mile trips will run you out of business.

Why don't people see this? Because they aren't allowed to it seems.


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