Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Amen Brother!!!!

OK, Due to an incredibly prolific post, the gentleman formerly known as Dingbat has returned to regular status.

I encourage you all to read that post. Here is the link - click here

If someone wishes you a Happy Quanza or whatever, don't be offended, just say thanks, and return the good wishes.

In Winnipeg, MB, last year a Christmas Tree at the Forks was referred to as a "Holiday Tree"

This year, Christmas is back, and it's a Christmas Tree again, thanks to the overwhelming majority of people ( who presumably celebrate Christmas) getting rightfully P O'd at the attempt to dilute what Christmas is.

No need to feel guilty about celebrating Christmas, it's what many people do.

God forbid you tell someone "Merry Christmas" or attend a "Christmas Pageant" at your kid's school, or even sing "Christmas Carols"

It's as absurd as calling a minora a candleabra. It's a fricking minora.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I want to wish you and your family a fricking Merry Christmas for god sakes....


06 December, 2005 21:35  

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