Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An Alternative? Screw.

I was reflecting on a few posts that have been made in respect to Quixtar, the pros and cons etc.. and I see that a lot of IBO's seem to believe that if you are dissing Quixtar, you should be providing an alternative. Why is that? How is it someone else's resposibility to find you something to do, just because they give you reasons that what you are doing won't work?

The guy in the rather lengthy banter with Scott Larsen right here seems to think its Larsen's job to find an alternative. To wit:

"SHUT UP IF YOU DON'T HAVE BETTER SOLUTIONS TO OFFER" .... i can assure you, you won't be able to show me programs or projects that would help me at least become where i am today than i was years ago... i dare you!!!! show me or shut up!!!! that's your challenge big mouth!!!"

Why is it that you require an alternative? I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here. All arguments for Quixtar fail, and this is a last bullet out of the chamber as you fall down, hoping against hope that this brilliant analytical person is wrong.

Don't expect people to give you an alternative. Look for it yourself. Otherwise, it's you that's the loser if you can't pave your own way.


Anonymous Frankenberry said...

Yeah it's like telling someone who is about to drink a bottle of bleach that it's not a smart thing to do, and then they respond with- "well, what am I supposed to drink?"

27 October, 2005 16:58  
Blogger Joecool18 said...

Quitting or doing nothing at all is better than joining quixtar and losing money right?

21 November, 2005 17:32  

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