Thursday, November 03, 2005

What Is A Lie?

I've been watching with interest that a couple of websites have altered their content because of some finger pointing. I have a few questions about that topic.

What is a lie, really?

Is it a lie when you are trying to genuinely help someone?

Is lying ever justified?

Would most people consider Quixtar "leaders" to be liars, given the fact that most of their money is created by the system?

I realize that I've been negligent for posting lately. You wouldn't believe how crazy it's been at the job.

That's a choice, not an excuse.


Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Is lying ever justified? Yes, if the person being lied to has already abandoned civilized behavior. For instance, if you were hiding a Jewish family in your attic in 1941 in the Netherlands, and the Nazis came to the door and asked if you had any Jews in your house, it would be immoral to tell the truth. There is nothing ethically wrong with lying to the government, because they are by their nature thieves and murderers (I don't reccomend this though, they will seriously ruin your life at the slightest provocation, so it is usually prudent to "bend over and take it"). If you don't like your job and an IBO starts prospecting you, it is okay to lie and say that you think your job is A-Okay. It is not okay to lie to someone "for their own good" though, it is incredibly arrogant for someone to assume that he knows what is in the best interests of everyone else.

03 November, 2005 18:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


so in other words, you are saying it's OK for a critic to lie, but not OK for an IBO to lie? That's what I am reading here...

08 November, 2005 09:04  
Blogger Dennis Shoup said...

Oh calm down anonymous, I am not saying that it is okay to lie in order to criticize Quixtar, it is important that one never lie in order to advance an ideological agenda. It is perfectly okay to lie to someone to prevent them from harassing you. When a beggar asks you for your hard earned money and you don't feel like giving it to him, do you say, "I have plenty of money but I don't feel like giving it to you"? Probably not, most of us say, "sorry man, I only have credit cards on me." Why the dishonesty? It is easier to deal with than the resulting conflict. I have better things to do than argue with vagrants about why I don't want to give them my money, or to patiently explain to an IBO that Quixtar is not for me, I don't feel like getting a hard sell, and I don't feel like having to be rude in order to get back to my affairs. The IBO on the other hand, if he uses dishonesty is lying in order to exploit me, or if he is a true believer, to convert me to the faithful. He lies in order to manipulate my actions in such a way as to benefit from them, my lie is simply defensive and nothing more. That is the difference. Oh, for the record I am perfectly happy with my job, the situation posited in the first post was hypothetical.

08 November, 2005 18:02  

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