Friday, January 13, 2006

A Day Late and a Buck Short

Well, it looks like the Kingpins have decided to come out of the woodwork and attempt to do battle with all that oppose them.

Thanks to David Robison for pointing this out.

What I find particularly funny is that this "Internet" thing has been around for about 10 years, pointing out the fact that the Kingpins were not/have not been completely forthcoming as to the primary moneymaker in the Quixtar business.( The Motivational Tools Systems)

Jody V. says to Scott Larsen, "..reflects your horrendous lack of understanding of our business"

Anyone who has been to Larsen's site would get the impression that he knows exactly what he's talking about.

He won't make as much money as the tool Kingpins do by sharing this information either. So, I guess it comes down to who ya gonna trust? The people that are making money from your efforts, and have not been upfront about the tools business until they couldn't keep it a secret any longer?

Or someone who has exposed it free of charge, asking for nothing in return, other that thinking for yourself.

I will bet money that Jody Victor and Billy Florence wouldn't have the balls to open up their books and engage in a real live debate as to the merits of their business against someone as learned as Scott Larsen.

They will go off and brag to their brainwashed minions that they sure told him. Good for them. Maybe they should direct all their IBO's to his site, and ask them to keep an open mind about that, and make their own minds up about the content, instead of having their mind made up for them by their mentor.

I hope they haven't done this as a damage control measure. I believe information should be accurate if you post it on line. I also believe that Scott Larsen would pull off anything untrue.

Too bad this is the first untruth they've found. That alone speaks volumes.


Blogger Joecool18 said...

Good post Rocket. I guess it's human nature to believe what others tell you so once an IBO is sucked into the system, they will tend to give more credibility to their upline than to hard core facts. Luckily I saw through the lies and got out in time.

17 January, 2006 12:54  

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