Saturday, March 18, 2006

Achems Razor

All things being equal, the most simple explanation is probably the correct explanation.

This comes to mind when reading the Dead Or Alive comments posted by this fellow, to wit:

"surely you jest to think I would just arbitrarily give you that information? Are you that naive? This is yet another one of your baited topics as usual."

Yet in this comment section, just a while back, he tells me he’s working with his diamond on this very thing.

Now, this post is NOT about Michael. He is one of many people defending their "leadership" The thing is, why is it so hush hush? What’s with the Cloak and Dagger? If your "business" is clearly without fault, then why would you not want a critic to be shown the goods to shut his/her mouth? Better yet, where the hell are your "leaders" when you IBO’s are taking a beating out here? Why don’t the "leaders" get their asses out here and lead? The "leaders" say they love you and will be there for you.

Well, where are they? (Insert sounds of crickets chirping here)

Somewhere In Between had a very thought provoking comment when he said

"Sounds alot like major record labels fighting 'illegal downloads/filesharing'."

Yep, it’s actually a lot like that, although a little less public. Because of that little consumer revolution, the music industry was forced to change the way it does business. Yet the Quixtar/Amway "leaders" hang on to the old way. Why do you suppose that is? The only difference in this particular situation is that outside Quixtar/Amway, people tend for the most part to think for themselves.

Brad came through with a good thought.

"It is inevitable to convert with the technology (tape-cd then to mp3 or other) How long will it take? Who is fighting to keep it this way? I can say with confidence, i personally don't know. ANd honestly, you don't personally know either. It is all speculation"

Brad’s right. It really is speculation. However, despite the fact that Brad is right about it being speculation, Brad himself is basing his "business" on speculation.

Troubling that he is running a "business" in which he either does not have all the answers, or does not qualify to have the answers.

So, in the spirit of Brad’s comment to my thoughts being speculation, we go back to Achems Razor as it relates to the motivational tools system.

Using the theory of Achems Razor, I deduce the following:

1. There is no website available to any IBO from which to download the motivation at no cost

2. If this phantom website does exist, it ain’t free.

3. The reason motivation exists is for profit, not to enhance anybody’s business

4. The people who profit from the motivation are not interested in making it free (or even cheap)

5. Dispersal of motivation on the internet would be easier and cheaper than the current way, it's not streamlined because of profit margins for very few.

Somebody PLEASE restore my faith in mankind and prove otherwise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're worse than a 2 year old!


19 March, 2006 09:10  
Blogger rocket said...

In what way am I worse than a two year old?


Many 2 year olds ask "why?" quite often. Usually because they haven't gotten a response to a question they have asked.

I have asked the same question 100 times in 100 different ways.

Still, no real answers.........

And so it goes.

21 March, 2006 22:30  
Blogger anonibo said...

Rocket-- what you are advocating is a business model which restricts business owners and prospects down to ONLY those individuals who:

1) Are internet-savvy
2) Have a broadband connection
3) Have an Mp3 player

And you think this is a good thing?

While services like iTunes have made digital distribution more common, it is hardly ubiquitous, and cutting off a majority segment of IBOs and prospects by technology would be, well, dumb. It would be like criticising the systems back in the late 80's for not immediately making a hard switch to CDs.

Logistically, I would expect an *option* of digital downloads to becoming available over the next couple of years as a natural progression.

31 March, 2006 18:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, the term you are looking for is "Occam's Razor"

31 March, 2006 18:21  
Blogger rocket said...

Hey Anon! Finally! Somebody acknowledged it!

Your prize is free access to my website for life.

1) Are internet-savvy - define internet savy. Most people who are still of working age have at least a rudimentary understanding of the internet. Seriously, name one middle aged person who does not have anything whatsoever to do with computers....There aren't many. Even if you did find a few, chances are, they could not build a large business without a knowledge of computers. Maybe you should be sponsoring up....

2) Have a broadband connection - Sorry. Lame lame lame. I have dial up. I can still download podcasts and music.. It just takes longer. I'm sure people would rather let a download happen while at work, or sleeping instead of eating a loss by paying for shipping on a tape or CD, + the cost of that "essential tool"

3) Have an Mp3 player - Nope, you don't need an MP3 player. You can burn to a CD once you download. Or just listen to it on your computer.

The difference between this technology and the transformation from tapes to CD's is simply that you still had to pay for CD's.

Here is a more efficient, cheaper, and accessible technology. A CD is basically a much better tape.

In comparison, here is something completely shareable or emailable at NO COST for the shipping and what SHOULD be a minimal cost for production....

If your "leaders" weren't basing so much of their income off it, it would be cheaper.

Again, if you are sponsoring people that don't have the computer experience, maybe you should sponsor up.

How many people don't use a computer in the Quixtar business?

31 March, 2006 20:09  
Blogger Business Opportunity World said...


You're missing the point.

This business model provides 3 ways people can do this business.

1) High Tech(for the internet savvy). Who actually have access to the internet. *(Which not everyone does have access.)

2) Low Tech(we still have a catalog business remember?).

3) No Tech(directly servicing customer).

*There are still a bunch of people that like to shop from catalogs without having to go online.

We still have the choices catalog and the store for more catalog.

I have a few customers that order regularly from the catalog when they can't get a hold of me, and without ever visiting the website before. They just call the 800 number and place an order with the skew#. It's really very easy.

The tapes and CD's are available for those people who DON'T want to use a computer, and I still make all options available for people.

FYI tapes and CD's are now $2.50 each, I will ship them free of charge and at no cost if my long distance downline requests them. Or they can use the training website(which you'll STILL not gain any access to just to satisfy your curiosity.)

Rocket, one question, if a new ibo doesn't have access to a computer how is he going to get the proper training?


01 April, 2006 15:22  
Blogger rocket said...

I would hazard a guess to say that someone getting into an "online" "business" would assume you need to either own a computer, or have access to a computer. The year is 2006. Anybody can get onto a computer if they really want to.

How you move products, I couldn't care less. If you can actually sell a bunch of operpriced merchandise, all the more power to you. I thought this was a cutting edge home based internet business?

Tapes and CD's are $2.50. Is that with your monthly membership fee as well? How much if you're not a member?

Your upline makes more from the motivation than by "selling" Amway products.....Fact.

Your secret website where you can download motivation is not free.

Stop lying. You look foolish.

02 April, 2006 13:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your comment,

"I couldn't care less" speaks volumes for your true attitude here. I've known all along you couldn't care less what IBO's think.

Just an FYI, Thank you for removing my blog link from your blog!



03 April, 2006 18:59  
Blogger rocket said...

Oops! Sorry Mikey, that was accidental. Seriously.

I will be adding your link again. My bad.

Peace yourself!

03 April, 2006 19:04  
Blogger anonibo said...


A few points:

1- I recently showed the plan to a couple who were excited about the business model but made a family decision long ago that they would not own a computer and internet connection because of the potential time wasting away from their family time and because of all the risks the internet presents to families (porn, chatrooms, sexual predators, etc.)

I respect that. And, as Michael has pointed out, since we cater to the gamut of technology levels (no-, low-, and high-tech) we can still accomodate them, do a one-time session to set them up with an e-commerce website they can send their clients and prospects to, without ever owning a computer.

However, under your digital distribution model, they can't get training tools. No internet, no email, no computer.
So, in order to accomodate them under YOUR system, *I* would have to spend all my business building time and personal money burning off CD's for them, or worse, take up BOTH my AND their productive time over at my house doing training that can otherwise be done in their car with a CD in their non-productive time. No thanks!

Also, despite that *YOU* may be internet and computer savvy, I'd wager that there are more people in the US who do NOT know how to download and burn MP3 files into an audio CD than there are who do. In addition, your method, particularly for those on dialup, requires taking productive time that could be spent building a business that is instead spent downloading and burning audio files-- again, no thanks!

2- All WWDB IBOs with a "" ecommerce website now have a training module within their personal website where distance downline can access training materials, including printable, downloadable documentation & mp3 audio training, with cross-references to existing CDs for further indepth training. (And no, you can't see my business website either.)

3- One point that tool critics frequently ignore is that most training CDs also double as prospecting tools. So under YOUR digital delivery system, what your asking for is to have IBOs handing their prospects a home-burned, hand-scribbled CD and then try to convince the prospect that they are running a cutting edge ecommerce business?? HA! Why don't you just propose that all IBOs dress in striped, faux-suede elbow patched blazers, checkered pants and taped-up black hornrimmed glasses?
That just screams "I are an professional!"

Two questions would spring to the prospect's mind-- 1, if they're so cutting edge, why don't they have any professional material? and 2, do I really want to join a business where I spend all my time burning and scribbling on CD's to hand out to the next guy who's no more impressed than I?

04 April, 2006 11:24  
Blogger rocket said...

If I was running an online business, I would attempt to involve people who were online, or were willing to go on line. How are they to respond when their downline is asking questions? How can you lead an organization without a computer? Will you do it for them? Not a good use of time. I'd tell that couple that maybe this isn't their cup of tea.

Who does not use a computer in business this day and age? Seriously?

I guess you could use more professional looking covers (which you can make) on the CD, which you could cover with a professional label. Now the justification for the cost of "tools" is to look professional?.....Please....

Your comment about it taking time to download and burn.....this is going to sound rude, but I don't mean it that way.....Have you ever done any of this? You don't have to sit and watch it man. You can start a download and go to a meeting that night. When you get home, take 1 minute to set it to burn to a disk and go to bed.

C'mon man, that's a pretty lame excuse.

The tools exist to create income for the upline. They are not effective in helping you distribute Amway/Quixtar products.

04 April, 2006 14:39  
Blogger anonibo said...

So... what, I take it you didn't spent a lot of time actually sharing any of those tools to new, non-IBO persons? If your income never outgrew your operating expenses, that might be an indicator why not. Handing out a professionally produced Powerwave, Private Franchising, or John C. Maxwell CD does WAYYYY more for your business credibility than would a burned disk.

Yes, I've produced digital media before. Even with broadband, a fast burner and a good labeler, there's still a fair amount of time spent getting everything lined up just right.
If you have time to shepherd the downloading of files, swapping CDs in and out of the burner, testing for the occasional coaster disk, designing and applying the labels, etc., more power to you. Maybe your time is less valuable to you than mine is to me.

As a consumer, digital distribution of audio just makes sense. A business owner, however, is a business owner first, consumer second. (Thinking like a consumer first, business owner second, might be another indicator of why one's business profits don't outgrow their operating expense.)

Even if it doesn't take one person that much time, keep in mind that in a business of duplication, the net result will be an ever-compounding number of IBOs each individually creating their own home-burned, unstandardized, self-labeled amateur tools. As an organization grew, you'd actually be increasing the man-hours spend producing media.

I'd rather let a more efficient, more professional, already existing system free up my time by doing it for me, rather than throwing away a working wheel to reinvent a new one myself, and force my organization to do the same.

Whether you personally know them or not, there *ARE* still plenty of people out there who would be otherwise well suited for developing a business but who aren't as technologically adept as a blogger, who is statistically well ahead of technology curve than the average person.

The point is, my current business model ALREADY allows me both digital distribution for my own group's training needs and a physical distribution system to accomodate ambitious people and help them build a profitable ecommerce business regardless of their current technology level-- they can ramp up to it over time, and likely will, but it's not a prerequisite.

What you are advocating is essentially narrowing a currently wide-open scope of accessability with an existing efficient, professional tools, down to a narrow scope of geeks who spend otherwise productive time reinventing the wheel.

Let's see... less prospects and IBOS, more unproductive time, less professional materials...

Tell me again how this is an improvement?

04 April, 2006 16:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Seriously, I DON'T need to be linked to someone like you!

Anon, "rocket" computer savvy? HAHAHA that's a joke, the guy can't even figure out how to post a pic in his blog, let alone post an MP3.

Rocket, on the blog editor in blogger use the "insert image" button located on the blogger toolbar. Oh, I forgot, it's a tool... You're against using tools...


04 April, 2006 18:49  

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