Monday, April 02, 2007


Come one come all, step right up ladies and gentlemen, Step Right up and see the greatest show on earth!!!

Only one thin dime to enter, the tenth part of a dollar, step right up! Don't crowd boys, let'em all through now!! Here M'am, you look like a nice lady, have a peek on me, here's your Annie Oakley

Step Right Up And Get your piece of the Circus Candy

Now all we need to see all this success published in the Circus Report, and we'll have ourselves a wwwwweeennneerr!

We can all only wish for our own little piece of Windy Van Hooten's.

For those of you not into the Carny Talk, go here.

The victim of this misuse of carny talk, congrats!



Blogger David Robison said...


We were both inspired by the same blog. Great Minds Think Alike. You beat me by minutes I think.


02 April, 2007 20:59  
Blogger showpeople said...

More Carny lingo is on our site at

22 May, 2007 13:09  

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