Sunday, March 04, 2007

Toothless Tiger

I was over at Jim Payne and Beth Dornan's Blogs and the above noted phrase came to mind. That's what I think about the Quixtar accreditation program.

What is the benefit of being accredited? What is the handicap of not being accredited? Nothing, from what I've seen.

As far as them offering their own training, without trying to sound rude, so the hell what? What difference does that make? This will not stifle the Motivational sales within each organization.

In fact, it is likely putting the IBO's at a disadvantage because the upline will likely tell the IBO's that the Corporation is the supplier, but if they want to build a big business, they should continue purchasing the support systems from their upline. I've heard speeches along this similar vein personally at a function.

This would force an IBO to choose, and when your upline has taught you to worship them, it's not too tough to figure out who the IBO will side with.

Quixtar needs to understand that the IBO's will listen to their upline, not Quixtar. That's thats what they've been taught to do if they want to be successful.

Except for a few select IBO's who are not blinded by their upline's tactics, such as my buddy Dave Robison, there is no real benefit to Quixtar's strategy thus far.

IBO's who are not currently on a training system may very well decide to get some instructional stuff from Quixtar, and that's great and all, but here's the problem:


A current IBO names Larry admitted himself in this exchange with me that he drops close to $100.00 a month on system "tools" That's not including travel costs and other expenses associated with that. I personally think he would be spending more. Quixtar, your actions thus far are not benefitting Larry because his upline is still preying on him. Do you get it?

Multiply that by the number of IBO's on system and you get an idea of the problem.

It would be one thing if the "systems" or "tools" produced results. They don't, based on what I've seen.

In order to address this issue effectively, the system "leaders" have to be told something they don't want to hear.

That's exactly what is NOT happening.


Blogger Joecool18 said...

IMO the accreditation process is sham because the role of the corporation is downplayed by the QMOs. "Quixtar is just the supplier". We still have the best organization.

18 March, 2007 19:45  

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