Friday, March 09, 2007

Yeah, Yeah, You're Great.

I tried to post this on Beth Dornan's blog in regards to the FINALLY getting the recognition for donating an Espring Water purifier to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show.

The post and comments are here.

I'm sure the Thomas family is grateful Jeffrey. They were the recipients of the eSpring Water Purifier.

I am sorry to hear about your granddaughter's condition, that is terrible, and I sincerely wish yourself and her well.

My view and your view differ, and that's cool. Understand though, if it was donated or provided as charity in the truest sense, then asking for recognition makes it into something not charity - like. I'm sorry, but I am of the personal opinion that true charity is anonymous. Just the way I was brought up, and anyone is free to disagree with that viewpoint.

I'm having a hard time understanding why this is such an important issue that it is worthy of a corporaion blog entry when there are decidedly bigger fish for Quixtar to fry right now.

Further to that, I know of many, many individuals who are simply employees that have donated more than $609.40 (retail - I'm sure Quixtar is not out of pocket that much). I'm not trying to trivialize Quixtar's gesture, just put it into perspective.

The cost of the eSpring Water Purifier pales in comparison to what many IBO's lose annually to the motivation system that is at the heart of the problems currently faced by Quixtar.

Remember? That's why the corporation decided to start with this open dialogue between themselves, IBO's, and critics. You're on the field now. How many posts are you going to do about how you didn't get recognition with a bunch of other companies?

A donation to a makeover show is a nice gesture, but really doesn't address the reason that the corporation is out here.

Enough already. We all get it. Quixtar did a wonderful thing. Too bad some would think the seeking of recognition overshadows the good it did for the company.

Can we get back to how the real problems are being addressed? Please?

You really need to see what's wrong with your comments, by the way...


Blogger Joecool18 said...

The owners of Amquix are church going Christians so being charitable is a part of what they do but the bible also says you should give and not "trumpet it out" when you give.

18 March, 2007 19:43  

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