Saturday, August 11, 2007

At The Expense Of Others...A Good Laugh

The past 24 hours have been an absolute whirlwind of activity in the Amway/Quixtar world. Here's my translation of the events.

First blood goes to Amway, who made it public that they had terminated Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady's TEAM organization. Where I first read it is HERE

Then Orrin and Chris decide to tell their story HERE.

They advise that they, along with a bunch of other "leaders", are initiating a lawsuit. The lawsuit is a very interesting read, as all of the "leaders" who have been the subject matter of a number of critics (yours truly included) are basically confirming what all web critics have been saying to IBO's who have staunchly defended the "business" for years. High prices, poor opportunity. It's worth the read HERE.

Then we have Alticor (which is Amway and Quixtar's parent company) totally going straight for the throat on all of the "leaders", basically saying good riddance to bad rubbish. Check out the collective kick to the nuts of Woodward, Brady,
Billy Florence, Don Wilson, Randy Haugen et al HERE.

So what to make of this? Well, I gotta be honest here, I love it. Every bit of it. Why? A couple reasons.

1- Between Amway/Quixtar slamming Orrin and Co., we will get a better perspective on what the Corp. really thinks about the leaders.

2- With the lawsuit, it completely and 100% validates the points of the critics, predominantly the issue with the high priced products. It also shows that even the "leaders" know that Quixtar was a shell game, and check this out: LESS THAN 5% OF THE PRODUCT MOVEMENT COMES FROM CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE BUSINESS, according to
Woodward, Brady, Billy Florence, Don Wilson, Randy Haugen et al.

So, while allowing for each to spin their webs, I just think this is a moment in time when we are going to get as close to the truth as can be expected since before I was born (the 70's).

As well, more truth will come out that will completely refute the claims being made by IBO's when recruiting, all you have to do is show a printout of the lawsuit showing that the Corp. klnows damn well the prices of the products are too high.

I'm certain that many groups will say that Woodward and Florence, and Brady's groups were all bad eggs, much like Eric Scheibler was labelled upon his departure. Why would so many people leave the opportunity for so much residual income? Because there isn't any.

What has happened here, in my opinion, is the "leaders" were saying they were going to keep doing it their way (make $$ from the motivation)

The corp says, " 'Fraid not, everyone is talking about it on the internet, it has to look like we're doing something because everyone knows it's deceitful".

"Leaders" say, well then we'll quit and shed light on all the dirty secrets we've all been keeping quiet for so long.

The corp says, "You don't got the balls, you need us".

"Leaders" say, "We don't need you if we can't keep making $ from our sneaky motivation scam, we're outta here".

Then, comes all the mud slinging.

Keep checking in, and please feel free to leave comments. There hasn't been much to write about lately, looks like we've got sumthin to talk about now...

As for the title of my post, "At The Expense Of Others...A Good Laugh"

Yep, that's how I feel. The "leaders" and the Corp. both deserve a good shit kicking. They've been covering each other's asses far too long now as the sheep were fleeced.

Now it's wolves vs. the wolves.

You can call it immature, selfish, or whatever.

I prefer to call it Justice. That's just my opinion though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow would I love to be a fly on the wall at the next TEAM meeting. I think there is going to be alot of scrambling now to try and patch the sinking ship that was Team. Titanic comes to mind.

Its interesting that when I was pitched, the price of products was down played. You know how that conversation goes "Ya the products are a little more money but...." then they talk about quality, concentration or whatever. Now Woodward etal are saying the products are over priced. Well if these clowns are to be believed at all those over priced products made them rich or at least they did when they were high quality, concentrated, whatever.

I almost feel bad for all the little Orrinittes out there who believed they were building an empire. Almost, but then I think of all the obvious signs that the fox was in the hen house and I get a little giddy.

Well either way I like the idea as Rocket said that its now "wolf vs wolf". Guess its a good thing I held onto my J O B.

Keep fighting the good fight Rocket.

Shake N Bake

12 August, 2007 01:48  

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