Sunday, July 15, 2007

Still Kickin'!

Hello All!

Yes, I've been away. Lots of stuff going on right now, and the weather has been absolutely fantastic these past couple of months, so I just haven't really been into bashing Amway/Quixtar lately.

Apparently, not all are happy about the name change. I asked Javert why he was so upset about the name change when all he needs are the books and tapes, but he didn't have the balls to post that yet. He seems to be a little slow in posting critics pointing out the obvious.

Yes, I know it's impossible, an IBO not being transparent and honest. There must be an explanation.

Speaking of complete washouts, this knob implies that Javert has somehow shown me up in this post.

Insider, the fact that Javert says he's a Platinum means absolutely nothing. The fact that Joecool says he's a 4000 means absolutely nothing. Do you get it, or are you even more inept that you've already shown? This is the exact point that is being made about IBO's. It's just words, there's no action, proof or sustenance to any claims IBO's make.

I'll be back with more.


Anonymous Joecool said...

I'm actually a former diamond. I made 95% of my money from tapes books and seminars. I said on stage that tools are optional but in private meetings, I pounded my fist on the tables and said tools are required.

I said on stage that the business is hard work and will take a lot of effort. In smaller follow up meetings, I sad the business is a piece of cake - if you are following the system.

I used to say nobody made money from tools. When my downline learned the truth about tools income from the internet, I started to talk about IBOs sharing tools income - but I have never given anyone a written compensation plan.

You see, my downline loves me and although I am taking them to the cleaners, they are loyal and forgiving because I have only their best interests at heart.

14 August, 2007 19:38  

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