Friday, January 25, 2008

Taking Sage Advice

UPDATE: The photo doesn't want to upload, I think there's a problem with Blogger. It was a photo I took of the following titles:

"The Dark Side of the Pyramid"
"Behind The Smoke and Mirrors"
"Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprize"

The Amway Motivational business owners are always stressing the importance of reading, so I've acquired the above noted books, since the "leaders" think it such a valuable use of time. More books similar to those are on the way.

Before you read on, in order to cover my ass, let me say explicitly that I am not at all inferring that Amway is a cult. I am saying that someone who was involved with a cult was also later involved with Amway, and wrote a book about both.

"The Dark Side of the Pyramid" also includes as a bonus the Phil Kerns story, "Fake It Till You Make It", which I understand is quite difficult to find in print now. For those that don't know, Phil Kerns was involved with the People's Temple, and his mother and sister dies while members of the "cult".

Bottom line, if anyone knows cults, it would be Mr. Kerns.

The link I have provided is courtesy of Scott Larsen's site.

I have no idea where he came across the text that he offers up on his site.

I've also found another interesting link about the "Greatest Opportunity in the world" according to some.

I hadn't seen this before today.

Rocket's goin' readin'.

Happy weekend!

PS, looks like I was off base about my Friday Afternoon Announcement Theory.....meh.....


Blogger David Robison said...

You need to fix your picture.

I own a copy of Fake It Till You Make condition. I only wish the author had not changed names and blacked out photographs.

27 January, 2008 01:37  
Blogger rocket said...

Sorry Dave

Blogger is bitched. I'll fix it tomorrow. The joys of being the owner of the blog as opposed to an employee ;0)

27 January, 2008 02:02  
Anonymous Joecool said...

I own a copy of "Behind the Smoke and Mirrors".

I wrote some articles about it on my blog.

31 January, 2008 14:37  

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