Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Would You Believe?

Orrin Woodward has updated his legal fund post, in which he states the following:

"I support the Legal Defense Fund because it raises funds for any one that is threatened by Quixtar legally. I have said for years that if you pick on my friends, then you are picking on me."

This was obviously in response to Alticor's Post, which insinuated that Woodward would be using the funds donated for his own legal defense.

First of all, let it be known far and wide across the land that I don't take either of the opposing sides in this little battle of wits.

I think in all honesty you have Woodward's version of events and perceptions, and you have Amway's version of events and perceptions.

Somewhere in between lies the truth.

I for one, would be very curious to see the books of this "legal fund" that Woodward purports donating to along with his loyal Freedom Fighters (Of which very few appear to be free). I would like to see how often a low level IBO accesses that fund, and for what amount.

I would also like to see how it is managed, who has signing authority, and under what circumstances someone would qualify to utilize the fund. Before you Woodward Warriors get mad and start saying how ethical and virtuous Orrin is, just think about what I'm saying. Any legal fund worth it's salt is a TRANSPARENT entity, to which all contributors have a say, and the use of those funds is very clearly spelled out, and reported on. It's business. Remember? Business?

If you aren't allowed to see how much is in there, or how you can use it, or the parameters for how others can use it, then you are a complete fool to contribute to it.

As for Amway, well, it simply does you no good to keep flogging that dead horse. You have enough of your own problems without digging for more crap to contend with.

Maybe focus your efforts on making Amway THE business to be involved with. Because it still isn't.

So, faithful and appreciated reader, who would you believe?

A corporation who has allowed free reign to "leaders" involved in deceptive and undoubtedly damaging business practices who now proclaims it's wrong and is a cheerleader for the rank and file IBO?


A "leader" who willingly participated in what most would consider to be the deceptive business practices, and led to a faction of loyal (in a disturbing way) followers defecting to another business, where he can continue holding rallies and selling motivation at their expense, which is the crux of the problem to begin with?

I'm so glad I'm not with Amway or TEAM.


Blogger quixtarisacult said...


I agree with you. I also am independently minded. Hell, if the emperor has no clothes, I am going to say it. Neither Alticor or Woodward are dressed. Alticor, the money extracting group they are, have a lot of nerve to point the finger of greed at Woodward though. Takes one to know one I suppose.

In my opinion, once a tool kingpin, always a tool kingpin. One thing all these types feed on is money coming back up the reverse funnel.

These defense funds are usually a front for someone's expense account. Who's? They operate a lot like political contributions. What becomes of these funds when a candidate decides to drop out of the election? Yes, they go in his pocket (more or less).

Woodward, head of a motivational pyramid had to get under the umbrella of a MLM product to resume operation of his motivational business. Something fishy here? Didn't at least one high level ex-Quixtar IBOAI kingpin already defect to MonaVie?

Oh, and also, what about all the high moral talk about Quixtar's prices being high? What does a carafe of MonaVie health juice sell for? Now that the country is going into a recession, I wonder how much value these drinks will bring to households cutting back to make ends meet?

Folk deceived into blindly following motivational cult leaders are the real victims here, not the Orrin Woodwards of the world.

20 March, 2008 03:48  
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