Friday, March 28, 2008

TEAM - Noteworthy or Not Worthy? PART 1

I had the privilege of being contacted, apparently by the blogger known as IBO Rebellion. The reason for his contact with me was when I was attempting to understand TEAM and what it does exactly, and how money was made with during an exchange with a few TEAM folks. I didn't even want to get into why they compare themselves to Braveheart or Spartacus, and I can't remember where it was, but I do believe a TEAM member compared Orrin Woodward to Winston Churchill.

Yeah, I know. It sounds weird and disturbing. So I wanted to get where TEAM was coming from. I wanted to pick up what they were putting down. I wanted to smell what they were cooking. You get the idea.

He sent me an email, which I responded to. There was an exchange of a few emails, which I will show in full, one exchange at a time. After I have published the responses to a few of the questions I asked, then I will devote an entire post to my thoughts about TEAM based on the answers I was given.

The only changes I have made to the emails were the format to make them easier to read for you folks. I have not changed a single word, though I wish I could change the way I phrased a few things now. IBO Rebellion's responses are in red. My responses are in bold.

So let's get into the first exchange:

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 00:25:31 -0400
From:"theiborebellion theiborebellion"
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Subject: questions

You appear to be in need of information. What can I help you with?

My Reply:

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 19:00:31 -0400 (EDT)
From:"Rocket Rocket"
Subject: Re: questions
To:"theiborebellion theiborebellion"
Hello, and thanks for getting to me. I have a few questions in regards to the TEAM compensation plan, as well as the legal fund. Perhaps you could be one of the first of the TEAM to answer them?

The legal fund:

1. Who manages it?
2. Who decides the criteria on which it is utilized?
3. Who has signing authority?
4. Is there a vote or a quorum reached on who utilizes the funds?
5. Does any TEAM member qualify if they contribute?
6. Do the TEAM people who contribute to the fund have a say as to how it's dispersed?
7. Is there a set limit on how much a TEAM member can use before they run out of legal support from the legal fund?

As for TEAM itself:

1. Are you compensated based on the amount of motivation that flows through your group? If so, is that written anywhere when you present the TEAM concept to people?

2. Do you receive profits from people you have gotten to join TEAM attending meetings/seminars? If so, is there a profit schedule for that?

3. Do you have a motivational products compensation plan? If so, is it in writing?

4. Do you tell others about the motivational compensation plan when you recruit them to TEAM? If not why not?

5. Do you sell TEAM motivation and leadership products to anybody outside of TEAM? If so, who?
6. What is it exactly that TEAM offers, other than leadership skills you can obtain at any self help seminar? What is it that sets TEAM apart?

7. If TEAM is just fine on it's own, why the need to associate with a company providing an actual end user product?

As you can see, I do have a lot of questions. My hope is that you respond so that I can clear the air on my blog. I am not out to get TEAM, I just have a lot of questions that nobody seems to want to answer truthfully and clearly. That only makes people suspicious in this day and age. I would have thought, given TEAM's recent exodus from Amway, that this would be a rather common belief.

A few years back, people were asking questions about Amway that they could not get open and honest answers to. I know a number of TEAM folks who have said that the compensation is transparent at a certain level. To me, that's not transparent, and you cannot make a decision to get involved in an organization with a loosely worded business plan.

They are rather simple questions, and if the answers are secretive, or difficult to respond to, then I guess it says more about TEAM than it does about little old anonymous blogger me.

Avoiding the issues will do nothing but hurt anyone attempting to build a TEAM business, whatever that may entail. Most people approached to join TEAM will have the same questions I do. No answers will inevitably lead to nobody coming into your business.

Thanks for your efforts to clear the air, and I look forward to a response.



Stay Tuned for Part 2!


Anonymous Mike said...

So this is the email you sent, however there is no response as of yet, but there will be?

28 March, 2008 15:50  
Blogger rocket said...

That is correct Mike. There will be a small series of the email exchanges between myself and the IBO Rebellion blog author (allegedly).

Sorry for not being clearer.

It's interesting because on his blog he comments that he answered all my questions. I would be curious to see what the readers think.

Thanks for stopping by Mike!

28 March, 2008 16:17  

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