Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Is So Different About TEAM?

I have been enjoying the nice spring weather we've been getting, and haven't felt much like posting lately.

Between work, physical training, and family, this has taken a back seat. I do wish I could post more frequently, but it's just not been happening in my mind. It's not that I haven't had the time, I suppose, but it's more that I haven't had time to create the thoughts into proper sentence structure in order to make my point.

I have thought a lot about TEAM since my interview with IBO Rebellion ended.

I guess what is bothering me about TEAM is how it's so not different from the way Amway was run.

In TEAM you:

- Still go to functions
- Still buy motivation
- Still drive miles upon miles to build your business
- Still have an overpriced product
- Still have uplines, downlines, sidelines
- Still have to earn a right to be on the speaking circuit
- Still Make money off of motivation, it's just not a secret, obviously.
- Still aren't qualified to know the intricacises of the payment plan until you get to that level
- Still are not told everything about "your business" (The Legal Fund, for instance).
- Still has religious overtones.

Do you see what I'm saying?

I mean, at least Amway is changing it (No, I still am decidedly opposed to Amway), but it's like TEAM just wanted to keep doing what they were doing.

According to Woodward, he quit. I think it's because he knew that the curtain was being drawn on the performance, and he was going to take a cut in pay.

TEAM is where Amway was a few years back, with a bit of a twist. They claim to be selling leadership. Absurdity of that aside, it still may be a few years before the honeymoon for TEAM is over, and you have all kinds of people writing online about what a deceptive pricks Woodward and Brady are.

It's the same damn THING! One and the same! Am I the only one that sees this? How can people be so stupid as to not see it for what it is! Look at his Leadership Blog! Look at it! It's downright SCARY some of the comments that are being left on there!

It's almost like Woodward decided he needed to keep doing what he was doing, and I don't think moral or righteous indignation has a thing to do with it. Remember my post a while back called Money and Power? Same thing.

I don't think Woodward was not financially ready to stop making money from the tools, although, he had to know this little stunt was gong to cost him.

The Legal fund is a completely different matter, and I'll share my correspondence with the Legal Fund in my next post.

I grew up in an oil town, and there was a sign at one of the local businesses that said

"Please Lord, let there be another oil boom, I promise not to piss it away this time".

The TEAM followers are about to piss it away again, not having made anything to begin with under Amway.

People are so damn stupid sometimes. Good people, with great intentions.

Just so stupid...

Next post....My emails to the Legal Defense Fund.


Anonymous Mike said...

There is a lot of businesses out there that do just that, they change their name, move to another place and start the same thing over again.

Rocket you said it best.

"People are so damn stupid sometimes. Good people, with great intentions.

Just so stupid..."

13 April, 2008 20:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


One sentence in this "rant" summarizes why TEAM hit the road....

"I mean, at least Amway is changing it (No, I still am decidedly opposed to Amway), but it's like TEAM just wanted to keep doing what they were doing."


Orrin did not leave in the righteous and holy indignation of a man who wanted to right all the wrongs of Amway/Quixtar and carry his TEAM triumphantly on his shoulders.

Orrin wanted to CONTINUE HIS PROFITABLE EXPLOITATION, and he started to get reigned in by the Corp.

He realized he didn't have enough leverage on his own, so he started gathering in other teams (i.e. I think N21 united with him less than six months before the great TEAM revolt), and then he tried to blackmail the corporation with a mass defection.

Judging from Orrins actions since the "great schism" I think he counted on the corp folding within three months of his blackmail attempt - he figured he could do a repeat of 1983 when the Kingpins brought the corp to it's knees when the corp tried to reign them in. In 1983 Rich and Jay folded like a cheap card table...."and the terrorists were emboldened by their retreat".

But this time, oops, the corporation FINALLY "grew a pair of cohones" and decided to tough it out for the long haul.

Now Orrin is winging it and he doesn't want to "pay the freight" out of his own pocket.

What a guy!


13 April, 2008 20:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I can tell who wrote what by their choice of words and tone. I knew Jim Z replide and didnt even need to get to the bottom yet. I do agree with the last part of your post rocket, "People are so damn stupid sometimes. Good people, with great intention.

Just so stupid..."

It makes me think of all you guys bloging and commenting about people you have never ever met, and things you have never ever experianced. But since you can "google" anything these days evryone one is now an "expert".


13 April, 2008 22:40  
Anonymous Joecool said...

It looks like nothing has changed except for the "supplier".

I wonder if IBOs are any more profitable now than they were under Amway?

14 April, 2008 11:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys have it soooo wrong. Team did NOT want to continue with business as usual. Orrin hoped that Amway/Quixtar would change for the better, but the upcoming corporate changes were only going to make it harder for the newest guy.

So he left. Or got terminated. I wasn't there; neither were you. He's not lied to me about anything else. Amway/Quixtar has lied to me about everything. So who do I believe?

I thank God everyday for the IBO Legal Defense Fund. Without it, I would be literally bankrupted by Amway/Quixtar. It wasn't enough that they destroyed my business and my income, then are holding me to a non-compete that I never signed or even knew about until August 2007. The only phrase I can use to describe their actions is "legal harassment." Because they decided they don't like my line of sponsorship anymore!

I get a little weirded out by some of the comments on Orrin's blog too. What can I say about that? I have a lot of respect for Mr. Woodward. It does not extend to blind worship. I appreciate what he tried to accomplish with Amway, AND his gracious handling of the criticism and slander hurled at him.

MonaVie is expensive. And I don't buy much into "snake oil" claims. But I do see a business that provides a way for EVERYONE to make money, and quickly at that. And you know what? You don't need a system to make money with MonaVie!

Over the next few months, watch the cost of the Team system come down, and the quality of the product go up.

14 April, 2008 19:21  
Blogger rocket said...

Yet another set of comments with more than one anonymous.

Anon #2, a few questions:

1. You've actually used the legal fund? How does that work?

2. Costs of TEAM going down but the quality of the product going you mean the motivation? It's quality will go up? How do you know? Are you part of the creation of that motivation?

3. Orrin isn't gracious at handling criticism! He simply doesn't respond to it! Other than Amway, who has he responded to? Is he also in charge of the legal fund?

4. Orrin didn't want Amway to change except for the prices! He wanted to keep doing what he was doing, which was make money off of schleps in dire need of acceptance and hope. That is ALL Orrin offers. How many TEAM people are free?

5. You say Monavie is expensive. Are you in it? How can you be on TEAM but not Monavie? Isn't it an illegal pyramid if you have no product? Yes, I think it is.

6. Are you willing to answer questions about the use of the legal fund? I have sent several emails wanting to understand it better, but obviously, your leaders feel they have something to hide.

Anonymous #1

You say I've never experienced TEAM. You're right, because I can see a scam like that a mile away. You obviously cannot.

Have you experienced the freedom that it supposedly offers? No?

Then how the hell would you know?

14 April, 2008 19:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey rocket! My name is at the bottom of my post, Jeremy, How do you know what I have or havent done so far? Is my stats on on "google" yet? Like you said "People are so damn stupid sometimes. Good people, with great intentions.

Just so stupid...."

In case you havent noticed, TEAM has doubled and still growing dispite what you "THINK" TEAM is, So I would ask my self "What is so different about TEAM?" and actualy go outside the house to find out.


16 April, 2008 09:50  
Blogger quixtarisacult said...

Disrespect for Amway and Quixtar begins at the home recruitment meeting. Many distributors distance themselves from the likes of "Amway" by describing them as merely a supplier, a way for the motivational organization to conduct business.

I wonder if TEAM will be describing MonaVie in the same negative overtones. Doesn't MonaVie make the rules in their game?

I just wonder why Orrin Woodward just didn't begin his very own MLM from scratch. That is really what I thought would happen. He had his devoted followers wondering for months what the next big step would be.

It must have been somewhat of a let down to have to come into another pyramid not near the top, but at ground level. Kind of hard to become the cap stone in an company already having the exclusive positions occupied. Hmmm? Must struggle, and keep buying the books, tapes, and function tickets I guess? Oh, I forgot, that is what Orrin sells?

21 April, 2008 09:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rocket, I have answered you twice, but for some reason, my response is not showing up!!

1. Yes I have used the Legal Defense Fund. They approached me and offered to help. Thank God.

2. Quality of TEAM product will go up because TEAM will not be contrained by Big Brother Q. Quixtar had all kinds of rules about what could or could not be said on CD or in writing, and those rules changed (surprise!) quite frequently. When TEAM can be 100% honest without fear of recourse, quality can't help but be better.

3. How would you suggest Orrin respond to criticism? Use your brain with this one. Just what do you think he is supposed to do?

4. Orrin wanted Amway to change a lot of things, like to make it easier for the average person to succeed with them. However, Amway decided to do the opposite, and make it even MORE difficult for anyone to succeed. Thank the old-time big pins, who go by the motto, "If it worked in 1965, it's good enough for us."

5. Not yet in MonaVie. Can't wait until I can join. Your question shows just how unclear you are about TEAM. TEAM is a Leadership Development Service Provider, and you do not need to be affiliated with ANY product to be a part of TEAM. I am a TEAM customer, and I have brought a lot of other customers to TEAM, including corporations and individuals.

6. Just what is it you want to know about the Legal Fund? Do you honestly think Orrin created this as a way to scam a few thousand dollars from some unsuspecting people? Puh-leeze! The Legal Fund can't even come close to covering the hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal expenses required to fight off Big Brother. I am grateful for the fund, and for the kindness of every person who has donated. But understand, it barely makes a dent in covering the legal costs.

Just because someone doesn't answer every little twit who asks a question does not mean they have something to hide. It could mean they have a LOT of things to work on, and answering little twit's is not on the list.

Rocket, I'm sorry you have such antagonism toward TEAM. You seem to paint them with the same brush as the gangsters who stayed with Quixtar in spite of the harm to the people on their teams. It would have been MUCH easier for Orrin to do what they did--ride things out, put a good spin on things, and continue business as usual. He didn't.

21 April, 2008 12:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would not have been the right time for Orrin to start a brand new MLM company. First of all, there's a great deal of financial support required for legal battle. Also, don't you think that A/Q would have come after anything new with additional court orders? They had to go with something that was established, that A/Q could not shut down, so that those who had served their 6 months could start making some $$.

22 April, 2008 07:12  
Blogger quixtarisacult said...


Hmmmm? I believe now would have been the ideal time to start another MLM. It seems that is where the real money is? All the rebel IBOs could have become "early adopters" and been in the cat bird's seat to fabulous wealth and success. (Maybe). Instead all the crucial pin stones in the MonaVie pyramid are already in place, just waiting for you, the Woodward followers, to more completely stock up the pinnacle of the pyramid bank accounts. Other opinions may vary.

23 April, 2008 18:56  

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