Friday, August 22, 2008

Be Back Soon!


Anonymous Amthrax said...


22 August, 2008 20:07  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Wow, you sure took ibofightback and bridgett to school!

25 August, 2008 16:04  
Anonymous Joecool said...

Hey Rocket, isn't Briidgett a non system IBO?

25 August, 2008 19:09  
Blogger rocket said...

I don't know. She's pretty cloak & dagger about her business.

Her idea of cooperation and sharing is that it's on the internet somewhere, go find it.

Then her & her arrogant crony with nothing else in the world to do, even though he's a lowly nothing pin level, get all defensive and make insinuations that I'm not very smart because I don't remember where it is.

IBOFB is an arrogant ass who is probably making a thesis out of his online activities (remember, he's smarter and knows more than anyone!), and Bridgett is a soccer mom with an extremely high opinion of herself.

I could not care less what either of them think.

They are quick to jump on criticism of their business though.

Funny how they seem to obfuscate the facts so that their potential future downline will be around to make money for them.

That is, if the prices ever even get close to not insane.

25 August, 2008 21:03  
Anonymous Joecool said...

They hold double standards. Bridgett makes the claim that "many" diamonds talk about renting instead of owning. Not one diamond was mentioned, except spinsider claiming that he heard an MP3 of one diamond mentioning it.

Then bridgett dismisses others testimony because they are not active in the business, yet she worships ibofightback who hasn't done shit in the business for 8 years. Go figure.

I know the conspiracy theories about ibofightback have never been proven, but these IBOs and supporters all "report" to him and treat him like some deity or something. Kind of like flies swarming to a fresh pile.

Why is that?

26 August, 2008 13:41  

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