Friday, September 05, 2008

Amway and Arrogance

I got to thinking about the two A's listed in the title of this post. Personally, I think it's a very appropriate link for several reasons. Ultimately these reasons stem from ABO's defending numerous aspects of their wannabe rich scam business.

First and foremost, the money from the tools is either downplayed or dismissed as nothing to worry about because Amway has taken care of the problem in an open and transparent manner...mmmfff......mmmffffppph. Sorry, I just barfed a little bit into my mouth as I was typing that.

If you believe that Amway has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the thing that pissed people off in the first place doesn't happen anymore, then you are simply uninformed, brainwashed, or stupid. If you are uninformed, get informed. If you are brainwashed or stupid, then maybe pull away from functions and motivational tools for 6 months or so. Remember, your upline has likely told you that you can do almost ANYTHING for 6 months. That would also include that you can GO WITHOUT their motivation for a time as well.

Secondly, I'm going to beat the shit out of this dead horse about the prices. Bridshit and IBOFB seem to think that anyone who doesn't like Amway's prices is cheap, uninformed, foolish, and not aware of the facts which justify the absolutely ludicrous prices in their business.

Guess what? Here it comes...

I'm really not aware of the facts
which justify the absolutely ludicrous prices in their business. Guess why?


Those two asshats have had MONTHS if not YEARS to explain in a frank and forward manner why the prices are fairly priced. They haven't. Because they can't, and I for one am pretty much tired of listening to their arrogant and unbelieveably slanted opinions which basically tell you nothing. Check out Bridgett's Challenge on the links to the right.-----> Any IBO who has been on this blog (there's been a few who've emailed me thanking me for my candor because it helped them) has had a chance to prove to me how wrong I am. They don't because they can't. I guess they're right about one thing though, Amway is a level playing field.

It sucks for everyone to try and retail.

Sure, they will compare the Amway products to other crap that is overpriced too. Big Deal. If this is a business for the masses, then you are simply targeting the wrong peoploe with the wrong products.

Of course, they do have something to gain by trying to
trick convince you because they both can gain financially if you'll just believe it for a while.

I hate the fact that Amway thinks they're doing a good job addressing the problems.

I hate the fact that people like IBOFB and Bridgett think they are right about what they are doing and refuse to acknowledge reality.

I can at least understand why Bridgett is the way she is. I mean, she works in the movie industry and her husband is some kind of PR dude. Their whole life and livlihoods are based on people playing make believe. They're actually probably a good fit for this business because it's pretty much a magic show whose tricks have been revealed.

Watching Amway do damage control and make it look like they're doing something is more like watching a circus. It's mildly amusing at first, amybe even a bit interesting, but after a while you're ready to let the more simple minded people stick around to watch the show because your intelligence is being insulted.

I for one don't believe that many people have success retailing in the Amway business. At all. Sure they say they do, but I don't believe that there are people that are stupid enough to pay retail prices for Amway crap that are smart enough not to get involved. Never been proven online as far as I know. That would shut me up, but nobody seems to want to man (or woman) up to show me.

The way Amway treats it's ABO's and critics is arrogant. The way ABO's treat critics is arrogant.

In my opinion, Amway and ABO's can be arrogant as much as they want. I don't care. They are bullshitting about their business all the time anyways and anyone with half a brain can see it.

But don't be surprised when people listen to those who aren't arrogant. Like the critics who have nothing to gain financially by saying what they think. They might be a bit rude, but, meh...

Most people can see what you folks are doing. It's even less effective now than 10 years ago. Stop being dishonest and deflecting.

Or don't, I don't give a rat's ass what you do. In fact, keep doing what you're doing.

Makes my points a lot easier to make.


Anonymous Luzer said...

IBOFB hasn't even built an Amway business. For someone who portrays a successful ABO, he hasn't shown anything of merit except a convincing argument.

Bridshit is the same as IBOFB, all talk and no walk, as far as I am concerned. They are both good at deflecting and spinning. I don't believe they are much good at anything else.

08 September, 2008 12:40  

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