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Amway - Completely Out Of Control?

I've been thinking a lot the past couple of days about the dudes that were trying to have a discussion about Amway. You remember that don't you? Yes, I knew you would. That's the online conversation that was being patrolled by the usual ditchpigs who have declared themselves the sole and virtuous defenders of Amway's honor and virtue.

Absurdity of that aside, let's look at the obvious. Even people who aren't aware of the cult-like aspects, the tools problem, and the ridiculous prices of the products were able to identify immediately what everyone already knows...There are a bunch of Amway trolls on the internet who lurk in the online nooks and crannies for any chance to jump out behind the virtual bushes to school people on the exemplary business which is Amway.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that gave me tremendous satisfaction watching those idiots get put in their place and called out for what they are....Amway infected simpletons.

But let's take an even bigger look here, and set aside the glee it gave us. (God that was funny!)

I have, for quite some time, been convinced to a degree, that David Steadson sorry, IBOFB is nothing more than a paid corporation schill. I'm not saying it's true, I just don't get the motivation for responding to Google Alerts, and in general, trying to make sure that whatever people see and read about Amway is accompanied with Steadson doing damage control. Why is that? The corporation has already told me that they do not pay him, nor is he employed by them.

Fair enough. But is he on someone else's payroll? Think about it for a minute.

From what I've seen, David Steadson, defender of Amway, distorter of the facts, tutelary hero of winners, is a completely arrogant, know it all, pretentious waste of skin.

I don't think that it's beyond the realm of possibility that he would see that Amway, and therefore the LCK, have a fairly substantial PR problem. I also see him being so pompous as to approach a LCK, or a group of LCK with a proposal to get this under control. He's so smart you see, he can convince anyone of anything. He's David Steadson!

The LCK would be happy to pay anyone anything to make this whole internet pointing out the truth thing go away, and happily retain his services, confident that the information about Amway will once again be theirs to control.

Steadson then assumes the monniker of IBOFB to give the appearance that he is just trying to defend a business that he is trying to build. He leaves a few comments, then WHAMMO! He's got a website completely devoted to all things good about Amway.

It goes OK for a while, and he gets a hold of the Amway Wiki. Steadson rubs his hands with glee! His employers will be most happy with this! More Control!

He gets Google Alerts, and a merry band of bumbling idiots who follow him thinking that he's just one of the ABO's trying to give a "proper" view of Amway online. He dispatches his retards associates to wherever there's problems, and they try to set things right whenever they can.

But it's not working! Obviously it's not working. The dudes discussing Amway is a case study of why it's not working.

You know why? People are sick of the bullshit associated with the Amway name! Amway has done NOTHING to get the leadership under control, except MAYBE they kicked out a few that weren't going to change. Woodward says he quit, but nobody knows for sure.

In any event, my theory about David Steadson is just that. A theory. BUT

If it even has an iota of truth to it, it shows 2 things.

1. The LCK are spending their money for nothing because Steadson is doing a shitty job.

2. Amway is not doing anything different than a few years ago. Just going about it in a different way.

Until there is meaningful change, nothing will change. As it sits, and as evidenced this week, Amway is still nothing but a joke. It's very own people prove it time and time again.

Steadson moderates comments and bans people who shine the light on the glaring truths which there is no argument against. Good for him, but it isn't helping his cause.

If Amway can stop you from selling XS at a Little League baseball tournament, you'd think they could put a little effort into stopping asshats like Steadson from ruining their reputation even more.

Mind you, they also believe Dexter Yager believes in the right to differ.


Blogger Joecool said...

Bravo! Excellent post. I wrote something similar, but a bit more kind on my own blog:

But let's dig a little deeper. IBOFB is orchestrating a lot of these little strategies. As time passes, bits of evidence emerge which makes you wonder.

For example, when I got the two emails, one an implied threat, and another stating that Joecool posted on a porn site, IBOFB says there couldn't be a threat email because he did not get a copy.

Then he says, regarding an interesting anonoymous post on my blog, that he didn't send the message but had a hand in it.

Then the thread with the "dudes", wearyeyed was "told" by IBOFB to go and defend Amway.

This orchestration of defenders, although is not bonafide proof of anything, certainly makes you wonder if in fact this is a team of paid PR hacks.

In any case, these defenders are getting their butts handed to them. If they are actually paid for this, it's time to send them out to pasture.

18 September, 2008 18:13  
Anonymous tex said...

ibofb isn't a "plant", unless there's a plant that goes by the name of dumbassacus idiotica.

Click on my name for the tool scam facts.

18 September, 2008 18:38  
Anonymous Porkchopjim said...

THAT was a really good post.

For 100% Amway tool induced lunacy - click on Tex's name.

You won't be disappointed!

18 September, 2008 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Go through all the old posts by IBOFB on the QuixtarBlog and re-read all the posts he did.

Notice how over time,he's directly or indirectly put down Yager, Britt, WWDB and publicly questioned N21.

But you've never seen him put down Jody Victor or TeamMMP. As a matter of fact he rushed to defend Jody several times when Scott & Jody were going at it. Why would someone who supposedly never met Jody come to his aid so quickly? Especially in N21.

Also, Jody is about the only one who would know some of the specifics of all these groups and of the company. IBOFB knows too many facts to be an average distributor. If he really knew so much, he would surely have built the business to a higher level.

How can someone claim to be that much of a believer in the business without actually building the business?

Follow the Jody Victor trail!

19 September, 2008 12:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't this guy his own worst enemy? He is the picture perfect example that the business doesn't work.

If someone as passionate as him can't hit a big pin in 4 plus years, how can anyone else.

This guy knows all the groups, all the systems, believes whole-heartedly and yet can't seem to build it for himself.

Prospects Beware - Check the fruit on the tree!!!!! If the biggest supporter of a business can't build it himself......RUN AWAY!!!!!!

19 September, 2008 12:31  
Blogger Joecool said...

Poster from IBOFB's site: Hurricane
Sep 19th, 2008 at 4:23 am
What kind of person would continue for years to post negative comments on issues in a business he failed in years ago? Amazing.

Jocool says: What kind of person (even more ridiculous) would continue for years to post positive comments on issues in a business he failed in years ago?

Amazing, unless he is paid to do it?

19 September, 2008 13:44  
Blogger Joecool said...

I recently had a comment on my blog that makes sense. IBOFB set up his defense and now website and is an established Amway defender. Now Amway leaders point to IBOFB's website as one with credibility and and it also identifies the critics to avoid. IBOFB might be making some nice coins from advertising from his site and IBOs making a "donation" on his website on their upline's advice. In other words, he's like a Kiyosaki who doesn't build Amway but promotes Amway.

26 January, 2015 00:45  

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