Monday, September 07, 2009

Don't you Just Love........

People who can tell you what works, even if they aren't able to do it themselves?

I'm talking about our good friend David Steadson (aka IBOFightBack) of course.

David, feel free to prove me wrong, and that you are actually successful in Amway. Otherwise, I've got to believe the information I have at hand, which suggests you are not currently any sort of "leader" level in Amway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amway simply doens't work for the masses. Or should we believe that IBOFightback was just lazy, gutless and a failure? Hmmmm

08 September, 2009 11:58  
Blogger quixtarisacult said...

David Steadson (aka IBOFB, Icerat, et cetera) is a reality inverting weasel who actively intends to defraud others into a 'closed market fraud' of international proportion. Thanks Rocket for exposing this scumbag. qiac

10 September, 2009 15:40  

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