Saturday, October 09, 2010

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More commentary by the Rocket.

In the meantime, enjoy Anna Banana's blog. Obviously WWDB is a whole lot more of the same. My experience is dismissed as outdated. No it's not. My experience is pretty much the same as Anna's husband. Don't call it outdated because it's not.

or listen to an Interview with Eric Scheibler from about a year ago. Whether you are an IBO, Ex IBO or a curious observer, give it a listen. The dude knows what he's talking about, and makes very compelling statements which are very revealing about the reality of the Amway business and his experiences.

I'll leave you with this. The more things change the more they stay the same. There is ample evidence out there which suggests Amway and the AMO's are still operating much as they always have.

If you are truly a business person, you will take in ALL information, both good and bad. If you're an Amway only type business owner, then don't pay attention to dissenting opinions. I think it's a mistake, but hey! You're free to do what you like.

See you soon.


Blogger Joecool said...

That's the biggest load of guano that Amway defenders, especially bridgett baron like to use. That critics are outdated. But it's surely strange when the same stories and tidbits keep emerging from current or IBOs who quit recently.

12 October, 2010 12:26  

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