Monday, July 12, 2010

Everybody's Favorite Diamond!!!!!

I stumbled across a Canada AM piece with Craig & Kara Loupelle featured. Remember them? The folks that had quite the interesting trip to diamond according to their former housekeeper/babysitter/nanny.

The Canada AM video doesn't give any indication that they are still independently wealthy, in fact, an article in Canadian Family seems to suggest that they are both out of Amway completely!
Here's the link to the video of them appearing on Canada AM. Check it quick before it's gone! Looks like Craig has lost a bit of weight! Good for him.

I guess being a diamond in Amway isn't all it's cracked up to be, since Kara has a part time job in a retail store.

Looks like the Loupelle's will have a hand making ends meet as product testers! Kara is taken with her new washer & dryer, and Craig likes the dishwasher given to them! I wonder if Amway would jump at the chance for the Loupelle's to be their product testers?

Congrats to Craig & Kara for being Canadian Family's Ultimate Family Testers!


Blogger Joecool said...

Aww, c'mon Rocket. (sarcasm on)They simply walked away from Amway, and they are collecting millions of dollars in passive residual income. They simply have "chosen" to go to work for the pure enjoyment of being just over broke. (sarcasm off) LOL

12 July, 2010 18:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

March, 2008

"With their soon-to-be-eight offspring, the Loupelles blow well past the national average of 1.5 children per family, according to Statistics Canada. But to hear mom Kara explain it, they’re just a normal Jewish-Anglican/Catholic couple, with a brood of kids ranging from 17 years to a newborn (due at press time), who like having a big family.

"To this day, Kara, who works part-time at a cosmetics counter at a local big-chain drugstore, and Craig, who works in property management, truly don’t know how they came to decide to have this many children."

14 July, 2010 13:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All those kids will be their new downline. He will not have to fake legs anymore. When each one goes Platinum, diamond is in the bag for them again!

05 August, 2010 04:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The abused the system and defrauded alot of people in their time in the Amway pyramid. I hope they've found peace somehow, because some of the folks that they've screwed never will.

15 October, 2013 15:11  

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