Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Is Amway Now?

I'm reading with a great deal of interest about the oil spill near Battle Creek, Michigan. I did a quick Google map check and learned that Battle Creek is a little over an hour away from Grand Rapids. I haven't come across anything that Amway has said or done about the recent Michigan Oil Spill

What I'm really surprised about (sort of) is the lack of any public response from Amway. There's been a concerted effort in the past 5 years by Amway to try and improve their (incredibly decimated) image. They continuously seek recognition for things they do for the environment and people, both internationally and domestically.

On top of that, they make a specific point of making sure everyone knows they are using alternative sources of power to help the environment!

If Amway has actually done anything about this, then they don't appear to be using their regular PR programs they have in place.

There's pictures all over the news of Canada Geese walking around covered in oil. I can't help but wonder if a few truckloads of LOC wouldn't help clean up the wildlife and contaminated plant life? After all, according to Amway it cleans away everything, but harms nothing.

With Amway's reminders about how great they are at organizing volunteers, you'd think they would be taking up a leadership role in helping clean up this unfortunate mess. They could help the other folks who have chosen to be part of the solution and organize a response.

I guess I'm just confused about why Amway hasn't taken the opportunity to jump all over this and be part of the solution of a major problem less than 100 miles away from them!

I find it strange that a company that makes mention of all the buzz words about environmental stewardship doesn't seem to even acknowledge what some are calling the biggest oil spill in the history of central USA!

Maybe Amway Global means that they need to focus all their good deeds in parts of the world they will receive their greatest return on the good will they are so vocal about providing.

Please Note, I'm certainly not forgetting that Enbridge needs to get their shit together and get this mess cleaned up asap!

But I would've thought that Amway would have done more. I'm sure Michiganders would be more disappointed than I.

I guess cleaning up oil spills isn't as sexy as making walking paths. Meh.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are you now?

29 July, 2010 14:08  
Blogger Joecool said...

Amway is busy working over Tex:


29 July, 2010 16:29  
Anonymous MichMan said...

By the way, Michiganders are NOT disappointed in Amway's level of generosity in the area.

There are very few business or business owners that are as generous. And there are few geographic regions that are as lucky as is West Michigan.

Amway may have many warts, due to the practices of many of the kingpin Diamonds (and Amway's habit of looking the other way for many, many years).

But the corporation and its founders are a vital part of the area. And they are greatly appreciated.

29 July, 2010 20:34  
Blogger rocket said...

That's fantastic MichMan!

I just thought it was very interesting that there wasn't any thing on their blog about this....

I'm sure they'll have some sort of help on the way soon.

30 July, 2010 00:07  
Blogger IBOFB said...

Who knows, maybe they just didn't know about it?
I guess they read your blog.

31 July, 2010 11:08  
Anonymous Marius said...

Amway is busy working over Joecool too, rest assured Joecool, Amway knows about you and is coming to your door.

31 July, 2010 11:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should check out the right blog.

02 August, 2010 01:23  
Blogger rocket said...

Thanks for the comment anon! This post was on the 29th which is the day before that one.

Have a good one!

02 August, 2010 11:42  
Blogger Joecool said...

Marius, I am shaking in my boots.


02 August, 2010 19:57  
Anonymous matthouse said...

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22 August, 2010 10:04  
Blogger Shyam Sundar said...

Amway is in a pitiable condition in India. It could not recruit new IBOs and even could not conduct meetings. The India Success 2010 organised in March, 2010, at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh ended in a fiasco and they could not organise any such meetings so far. In spite of the lies and huge promises of easy and quick riches and world class quality products hype, they could not rope in more IBOs. That is the sorry state of affairs of Amway India.

06 October, 2010 09:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an interesting observation. Last I heard, Amway India is well on its way to being the 3rd largest Amway market just behind China and USA. That doesn't seem like they have trouble recruiting.

18 February, 2013 01:24  

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