Monday, November 01, 2010

Let me ask you this......

If someone called you up asking if you would listen to a business plan on how to become their customer, would you be interested?

You'd get to pay generally more for stuff you are already buying!

According to some, if you sign up as an IBO, then just buy stuff for yourself, that's considered a retail sale for your upline!

Makes sense! All right, now get out there and get free!


Blogger Joecool said...

Try getting a business loan by showing "the plan" to a bank loan officer. Now that I would pay to see.

02 November, 2010 14:53  
Anonymous Cheryl Rhodes said...

Somebody left a flyer in my mailbox says I'm invited to a business opportunity meeting. A home based business where I can have residual income with little time or money invested. The products are an easy sale all household items we already use. It's a growing trend in a global market. I think we can all tell an Amway pitch when we hear one. Was it a good idea to drop off a flyer in the mailbox of the couple who are plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Amway? We're thinking of having a little fun. Wouldn't it be a riot if this is one of our former upline?

03 November, 2010 19:18  

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