Monday, December 27, 2010

The "Truth" About Amway

I don't know why I continue to be surprised by the actions of Amway and people like David Steadson aka IBOFB.

I was checking up to see what Bruce Anderson was up to these days. Anyone familiar with Bruce Anderson? I'm not going to get into it here. There's places you can find out about Bruce & Wendy Anderson.

Anyway, I was only doing a half assed attempt and I stumble upon the Amway Wiki.

Do we all know who runs the Amway Wiki? Yeah, the very man who stands for the TRUTH about Amway!

With this dedication to the Truth (oh, speak, soothsayer, speak!) there was a great deal of effort to fully disclose all the truth about this Ex-Diamond in Amway.

I guess there's nothing more to say according to the person who runs the Amway Wiki!

The Truth? I guess in some people's minds it is. Just goes to show the difference between accuracy and honesty.

There's a fine line and Amway's caped crusader doesn't appear to be able to distinguish either.

This is precisely why Amway should be taking control of who is defending it, and what they are saying about it. It certainly shouldn't be IBOFB aka David Steadson. This is EXACTLY what the problem is when people decide to research Amway. They get a half truth like this Wiki entry (or half lie if you like) and then feel deceived when they do find out the truth.

After going to numerous discussions and making sure people have all the "facts" about Amway, you're telling me that even 1 paragraph isn't worth being written about a frocking diamond who isn't in Amway anymore? Nothing?

At least in this Wiki post they say that Mark & Tami Crawford resigned their IBO ship.

But one of the Crawford diamonds, Don Lorencz has nothing written about why he left. Even though there's a great deal of information on why he left available online!

The guy has Google Alerts set up so he can butt in online conversations to ensure people talking about Amway all over the globe are getting the "truth about Amway" but there's not a peep about a diamond leaving? Really?

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it could be considered lying by omission, and this is exactly the type of activity which continues to keep Amway's reputation in a downward spiral across North America. Don't get me wrong, it is deserved.

As always, I'm open to correction, but it seems like a pretty deliberate attempt to not tell the whole story.

So if you're looking for the actual TRUTH about Amway, you likely shouldn't visit a critic's site. That's nothing new, and I would be the very first to tell you I have my opinions about Amway that aren't very complimentary.

However, it's painfully obvious that the last place you should be looking for facts or truth are the places proclaiming far and wide that they possess them.

Just my opinion, and you're welcome to post yours. As always, I leave myself open to correction.


Blogger Joecool said...

IBOFB is only interested in his "version" of the truth about Amway. It is why there was much suspicion by critics that he is somehow paid or compensated by either Amway or one of the LOS's. While noone has been able to prove it thus far, the suspicions still exist.

27 December, 2010 10:50  
Blogger Anna Banana said...

Rocket I'm not sure if you saw IBOFBs response to you on my Dec 17 blog about a recession proof business. Perhaps you can blog about that here. He rarely shows up on my blog because it's more about the upline and my husband than Amway policies. That can't be as much fun for him defending a bunch of jerks he doesn't know! But I agree he does seem to do more damage to Amway with his posts and his perception of the truth. But really why would Amway care? They have a piss poor attitude about everything. If they really wanted people to stop blogging they could buy them off. Everyone has a price including IBOFB.

27 December, 2010 13:28  

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