Saturday, December 18, 2010

Growth.....or Hype?.....

When going through some old posts at Expedition of Truths, I came across this post about Dream Night 2010.

There was allegedly 1100 plus people there a year ago.

This year, they are having multiple Dream nights, but only 850 people.

This makes me wonder a bit. Are the same people going to 3 Dream Nights in Alberta? Are all 3 Dream Nights sold out to 850 people each? If so, why wouldn't they just hold it in a bigger building?

I would be totally speculating (Unlike David Steadson aka IBOFB I don't feel the need to pass my theories off as facts) but I have to wonder what the truth is about Dream Night and WWDB.

Is it mostly the same people going to all 3 and there are 3 being held to generate excitement and appear as though there is immense growth happening?

I wish I knew the truth. I find myself quite often wondering what the truth is about Amway in a lot of instances. Why is that?

I don't wonder what the truth is about Wal-Mart. They sell a massive volume of goods which compensates for their lower markup.

I don't wonder what the truth is about McDonald's. They market crappy food at a cheap price quickly to kids, people in a hurry, and people on the road with not a lot of money to spend for their families to eat.

Why is it that the truth is so hard to determine about Amway?

The fact that North American Growth is no longer reported strengthens my suspicions that there's not much in the way of facts out there about Amway.

Their new blog is of little value as well.

Oh well. Just goes to show that in spite of what the lunatic Amway fringe says, things are pretty much the same as they've always been.

Nothing new there at all.

Enjoy the weekend!


Blogger Joecool said...

Rocket Dude, I'll give you my take on it. As an IBO, I attended a dream night. In 1998, I think the ticket was $55 or so. There were about 2500 to 3000 or so at the Dream Night In Hawaii. I think there was only one session that I know of. In Canada, I would guess that they would just find a bigger venue if they anticipated a bigger crowd, but it could be possible, that with home foreclosures and bankruptcies that diamonds are dealing with, that encouraging your faithful leaders such as "eagles" and double eagle rubies to attend three different sessions would help pad the bottom line for the WWDB leaders.

As an IBO, I always suspected the leaders were making a ton of dollars off IBOs, even though the leaders swore otherwise.

19 December, 2010 02:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


We know the Amway data must be bad because they don't report it. If numbers in the US were blowing out they would be bragging all over the place. It is better not to report anything so that comparisons to future bad years cannot be made.

Amway suffers the same malaise as the US economy. The baby boomers are not looking for opportunities in MLM anymore. They know MLM is a sham and their available credit won't allow them to build their business using debt like they all did in Quixtar. The balance sheets of the Amway baby boomers are ruined, and those coming up behind in the Amway target age group don't have the cash to fund the dream.

Amscam has its sights on China. Actually they should name it "Assway"...the "Asian Sales Way!"

One thing Amway is very good at is propaganda. Joseph Goobels would have been a star player on the Amway team!

20 December, 2010 11:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so right about boomers being out of money/credit; and the next generation doesn't have the boomer work ethic/committment to anything, let alone, the cash to fund it.

Good luck keeping their attention at the functions. You can't keep their heads up long enough to get anything through to them - they are too busy texting to anyone and everyone about every hicough they experience.

Joke's on the diamonds. They didn't know what they had until it was gone.

03 January, 2011 10:04  

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