Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Ode to Orrin Woodward...

I've left the odd message over at Orrin Woodward's blog which never seems to get published. From now on whenever I leave a comment, I'll post it here with a link to the original post.

As always, Orrin is welcome to have a discussion here along with any member of TEAM. I reaslly don't understand why Woodward, Brady, and even people in Amway have such difficulty having discussions with non-MLM'ers.

There doesn't seem to be a problem talking tough on a stage where they can be confident of applause and support, but there doesn't seem to be the same bravado out in the real world.

Here's my comment on his latest post:

"In God we trust, all others must have data."

Same goes for you Woodward. How many people (including you and your fellow shyster Chris Brady) are free and financially independent as a result of your (fake) wisdom?

I can't believe your pants don't start on fire every time you start talking.

You have NO DATA to indicate you are successful at building wealth for people.

Because you aren't, presumably. As always, I'm certainly open to correction and free discussion.

You don't appear to be.

I think it's because you are nothing more than a phoney.

Care to discuss? Thought not.

I'm going to start posting on my blog every time I comment on here with a link to your original post.

How many editions of Launching a Leadership Revolution have you released for your loyal leaders to buy now? Last I heard it was 14.

You had to revamp it 14 times? Must've been some pretty important information in those 14 revisions. So important that you forgot to include them to begin with!

Later, huckster.


Anonymous Amthrax said...

One question: are they asking TEAM members to re-purchase new editions of Launching a Leadership Revolution? If so, that's pretty bad.

15 December, 2010 13:37  
Blogger rocket said...

My friend who was at or near Platinum qualification said that he & others at his level were expected to have the latest tools on hand. It used to piss him off something fierce when everything became different and had to be replaced.

Interesting how Orrin doesn't feel the need to engage naysayers, but can beak off from a stage to his loyal minions about how wrong the critics are.

15 December, 2010 14:20  

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