Saturday, November 13, 2010

It Really Is Sold Out!

Over at Expedition Of Truths, Shaun has disclosed that "Dream Night" is really sold out. He provides a screen shot showing that it is actually sold out.

He also made it clear that because I had a few questions about "Dream Night" that he ...."engaged negative people going nowhere and wasting energy on something that doesn’t really concern them."

Really? Having questions about something and searching for answers is negative and indicative that I'm going nowhere? Wow! That's........interesting. The argument could be made that I am somewhere, and I'm working towards going somewhere else that I want to be. Just because it doesn't involve Amway or WWDB it doesn't make it any less noble. Some people may think I have a better chance of success BECAUSE it doesn't involve Amway or WWDB.

I find this to be a typical attitude commonly displayed by those involved in AMO's. People who aren't involved

- just don't get it, or
- don't have a dream, or
- can't see the big picture, or
- are too dumb to get it, or
- are negative, or
- are failures at life, or

I think wondering if motivational systems are still overcharging people does concern me because many people have been affected by that behaviour. Obviously when one is hesitant to tell people the price of tickets to "Dream Night" as well as monthly system costs there is something to my suspicion.

If your business depends upon keeping secrets until people are already in, you've got problems. If you are uncomfortable talking about the motivation costs, you may have a bigger problem.

**edit***I must point out that I appreciate Shaun making it clear that there's no way I could have actually known that this was sold out because I'm not a WWDB member. Weird how you can't see the WWDB costs until you are either a member or else a WWDB'er tells you. I would think the system would be upfront about the costs involved to anybody. Meh....

If you are recruiting people without telling them what the system costs or that it's necessary if you want to build it big, a lot of people would consider that dishonest. I'm not saying that's what Shaun is necessarily doing, but I believe it's been done by many IBO's.

Your problems may get even bigger if you try to claim these business functions called "Dream Night" to Revenue Canada as a business expense when you have no increase in product sales (not self consumption) as a result of attending these business meetings.

I left the following comment on his blog yesterday. I guess he isn't interested in his readers getting both sides of the story:

I will be adding another update so its clarified. It may serve you well to link to my post which inspired this response? Otherwise, it's just half the story. You want everyone to have the FULL details, based on what you've written, no? It would seem rather hypocritical for you yourself to not fully disclose where this all comes form, IMHO.

Your call, obviously.

**End of comment***

So that's what's going on with Dream night. It is sold out for the one night (for 850 not 1200-1300 as originally stated). A few questions remain that really shouldn't be that big of a deal but are for some reason:

1. What does it cost to attend and what do you get for the cost of a ticket?
2. Are people in Alberta going to all 3 Dream Nights? If so, why?
3. Is there an increase in product sales after attending these functions?

I do wish Shaun well. No hard feelings.


Blogger Tex said...

Shaun is a dickhead. He couldn't handle the truth about the Amway Tool Scam, so he "banned" me from his site. He's an LCK wannabe.

He may last another year or two, then fade away, never to be heard from again, just like the countless others before him. LOL

13 November, 2010 16:43  
Blogger Joecool said...

If it's sold out, good for them. When I was in WWDB, we were tayght to buy extra tickets for our guests.

13 November, 2010 20:13  
Blogger rocket said...

I still haven't heard if all the Alberta IBO's are going to all of the Dream Nights....

I mean there is going to be 3 within 4 days and 2 hours of one another.

I guess its not an easy answer to give.....

13 November, 2010 20:36  
Blogger Joecool said...

So why not tell it straight up?

Seems AMway IBOs have trouble with this.

14 November, 2010 01:32  
Blogger Joecool said...

My guess is that tickets would range from $65 to $80. In many places, a dream nite setting would cost about $25 to $35 per person, thus uplines clear the rest as profit.

You see slide shows of wealth and luxuries, supposedly obtained by Amway income, but may have come from other sources of income, and some of the sports cars or mansions might be rented or staged. I read recently that triple diamond Greg Duncan was in bankruptcy proceedings within the last two years.

Is Bankrupcty one of the WWDB cardinal sins of never messing with someone's money? :-)

14 November, 2010 01:43  
Blogger rocket said...

Ah, but to bring up stuff like that is just negative Joecool.

True & Negative are not allowed to be together in the magical land of Amway.

If it's negative = not true

If it's positive = true

14 November, 2010 12:15  
Blogger Tex said...

Amway even talked about "positive" talk during my September Temporary Restraining Order hearing, erroneously claiming referring to IBOs as "fucking assholes" made them quit. Imagine that, words you hear in numerous movies, books, cable TV shows, but miraculously they cause someone to quit Amway! Of course, the only "evidence" they brought to court was an email where the IBO quit, but only AFTER Amway explained they could no longer advertise online! LOL

I don't look at facts as positive or negative, they are just facts, and therefore neutral.

15 November, 2010 13:09  
Blogger Tex said...

Are most of the attendees Spanish speaking?


15 November, 2010 16:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sold out? Really?

Smaller venues may be the answer b/c I don't believe in this economy wih so many people in dire financial straits, they will cough up the money for the incredibly lame dream night.

Been to several of those 'dreaded dream nights' - what a boring evening listening to yet another blow-hard try to convince us we need to be like him.

No, I'm not that bored.

01 January, 2011 13:15  

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