Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DOZENS of Diamonds have been kicked out of Amway

My last post was in regards to the feeble attempts by David Steadson (aka IBOFB) in his life's mission to overcome Amway's poor reputation. Whether or not Amway deserves a poor reputation is not the issue.

What is the issue is yet another volley of ridiculous claims made by said corporate goon.

In a recent comment thread on "Married to an Ambot" he claims Amway has kicked out dozens of diamonds.

I invite him to provide the names of those dozens (that means at least 24 since dozens is plural) of Amway diamonds which have been booted from Amway by the corporation.

Or he can do it on his blog.

Let's see if he can back up his claims.

I can only think of a few. Less than half a dozen that Amway has "kicked out"

This is who people should be listening to?

I guess Amway might as well get used to their poor rep in North America when they are alloweing what I believe to be blatant lies such as this going unchecked.


Blogger Joecool said...

Ask IBOFB to identify these folks:


Entry #92 - IBOFightback

"There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have made full-time incomes and more with a part-time Amway business, including many millionaires."

I say he's either he's exaggerating or he's lying.

29 December, 2010 10:53  
Anonymous MichMan said...

"Hundreds of thousands" of people make "full-time incomes"

For the record, Amway reports that they have 3 million distributors (ibos).

"Hundreds of thousands" could mean 200,000 to 900,000.

Let's use a low estimate of 300,000.

That would mean that 10 percent of everyone in Amway was "full time."

Ten percent of the Platinums I knew were not "full time" and did not make a "full time" income. And only 1 out of 100 people went Platinum.

I would like to see him come here and justify that statement.

Regarding Amway kicking out dozens of Diamonds... Amway fired a few TIF Diamonds nearly ten years ago, and many more quit. They fired a few TEAM Diamonds a couple of years ago and the rest quit.

30 December, 2010 08:45  
Blogger Joecool said...

So most likely IBOFB is lying based on Michman's numbers. :-)

30 December, 2010 11:16  
Blogger Joecool said...

IBOFB on his own website: "Michman, please don't start the year off by making stuff up and deliberately misrepresenting what I said. I did not say hundreds of thousands were currently earning full-time incomes. That was made even more clear in the post where I outlined some calculations."

I guess based on that we could say hundreds of thousands of people have won something in a lottery or that tens of millions of IBOs suffered losses after participating in Amway.

01 January, 2011 14:12  

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