Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A WWDB Non Truth

A while back I was reading a post allegedly authored by a gung ho IBO (Hey, it rhymes!) who made the mistake of either blindly believing something that was told to him or else plain old making things up.

In his post "Reflections of Last Night" written on October 1st of last year, he claims the following about Brad Duncan:

"I honestly don’t give a rip what you may “read” from some person somewhere on the internet, if you actually get around the man, talk to him you’ll see where his heart is. Honestly he is the ONLY Crown that is still showing the plan!"

I can confirm with absolute certainty that Brad Duncan is not the only Crown actively showing the plan. I know for certain at least one other Crown who shows the plan on a regular basis. I asked the Crown directly via email, and got a response today.

So indeed, before believing some person somewhere on the internet, ask people other than your upline about factual details regarding Amway, and you may actually find out the truth.

That advice would evidently include our friend Shaun over at Expeditions of Truth.

Who told this to Shaun? Don't know. Don't care.

It's wrong. It's inaccurate. Whoever told him that is either lying or wrong. I think Shaun believed it, and I'm not being critical of him.

I just wonder what else he's been told which he believes to be absolutely 100% the truth that's not?

I suspect a lot more than just this.

There's the possibility that he may be misled regarding the benefits of these "Dream Nights".

EDIT: Forgot to add this:

This is precisely why I put very little credence to his most recent post regarding "Trust". The overarching message seems to be, "Trust your upline, and trust it blindly. Anyone who says different than your uplink is the enemy".

That's the feeling I get from his posts anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rocket, you should know better by now. Truth is the enemy!!!

These groups are kept together by blind allegiance to the leadership. If people were actually encouraged to THINK and research properly, they'd learn that the business is a black hole of time and money and then they'd quit. Propagation of the business requires the leaders to hide the truth and misdirect into subjective issues like "character" and "heart".

In the end, it's all bovine excrement.

27 January, 2011 12:32  
Blogger Joecool said...

I also would like to note that readers of Shaun's blog might get the impression that he is out of debt because of his Amway business but if your've been following his blog, you'll note that he sold his home and cashed out his 401K in order to reduce his debts.

I also found it odd that Shaun received a bigger tax refund despite claiming he made profits in Amway.

27 January, 2011 16:45  

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