Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Orrin Woodward....Douchebag or Hero?

I say douchebag. Since he never responds to critics, I must assume it's because he can't. I left this comment on his latest bullshit post about friends.

As usual, he won't speak to those who disagree with him.. I'll let you decide if that is courageous or not.

Here's the comment I left which he won't publish....As usual.


You are a douchebag who isn't friends with anyone unless they are spending their money on your amateur, cheap, unproven motivational bullshit.

You are such a hypocrite. You don't have the balls to acknowledge critics because you know they are right and your entire existence is built in sand...

I'm rather enjoying watching it crumble beneath you, you phoney.

TEAM is shrinking, but your ego sure as hell isn't.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty darn accurate!
What will it take for him to be humbled?
Every last leader~gone?

11 May, 2011 21:59  
Blogger mlmpunisher said...

Rocket - At least we never have to worry about where you stand! LOL! Wow! OK so here is some insight for you from someone who has spent time with Orrin Woodward. He will NEVER respond to you! He will control the message he sends to the TEAM... and your side will not be heard. Doubt is poison to TEAM... Fear, doubt, and they say...kills teams. Your only hope is to continue voicing your OPINION on your blog. He will NEVER post a comment from you, or engage you in meaningful debate... he doesn't have to.... he just has to keep cashing the pay cheque...month, after month, after month! Love your passion though Rocket... I'm a huge fan!

15 May, 2011 22:49  
Blogger Joecool said...


23 May, 2011 14:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is an amo / mlm kingpin that = Douchebag!

01 June, 2011 17:13  
Anonymous Gina said...

Just stopped by to see whats going on....

oh and I say total douchebag ;0)

06 July, 2011 17:16  

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