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Soooo Much Integrity it Drips!

I sent the following message to Shaun GUTHRIE over at Expedition Of Truths for a post where he claims people in WWDB are laden with integrity for seemingly no other reason than agreeing to be a part of Amway and/or WWDB. No response, no surprise......Enjoy!

Hey, I noticed your comments are off so I thought I'd email you. Hope all is going well with you

The only point I wanted to make is you absolutely do not know who you are getting into business with. In a true business partnership, the books would be open and you would know exactly how much is made, how it is made, and what the expenses & effort exerted for the profit was. You suggest Brad Duncan is practically dripping with integrity, yet you have people like Wolgamott & Kosage leaving. They are obviously more in the know than you, as they are both at very high levels. Why would they do that? You know nothing about Brad Duncan or any other person in his position any better than you know Wayne Gretzky. Sure, you may have had a few words with them and met them in person, but do you know them? No, you don't. If they don't want you to know something about them, you simply don't know it. Deal with it and remember it. Movie stars have a public and a private persona, I personally believe the same to be true with Amway "leaders".

Constantly you talk about how you are associated with people who have integrity. I have no doubt that your upline is nice to you. I have no doubt you believe what you are saying, but to suggest someone has integrity simply because they are in Amway and specifically WWDB is disingenuous at best and quite frankly it's laughable and sounds like a canned response you hear at meetings. So if someone who is a drug dealer joins Amway they automatically have integrity? What about a guy who beats his wife? He's an asshole one day, but because he decides to join Amway after you show him the plan he automatically has integrity? That's how you come across dude, and it makes you look foolish and naive.

You claim to educate people about the costs, yet those costs are not available to anyone who may be researching the business. Why is that? You may be quick to say it's none of your business and you may be right, but how can someone truly get all the answers that you say you always provide? If you say that you will provide those costs to your prospects, then you are simply controlling information. Why? I think you know the answer to that.

Lastly, and this is the most obvious point. You like to talk about how you develop trust and friendships with people before they get into the business. I would respectfully suggest that you ask yourself why that is necessary? Does the business not sell itself on it's own merit? In my opinion, the answer is no, it doesn't. This is why you must create relationships and develop a bond with people in order for them to join your business. Otherwise, they'll see that the prices are out of whack, it's an inefficient method of distribution, and the costs associated with participating make it even more uncompetitive.
Why? Does a franchise owner in the real business world have to do that? Did he have to develop a relationship with the corporation? No! He asked to see the numbers, saw the numbers, and decided it was a viable business. NOBODY would ever determine that after seeing a diamond's numbers I don't believe.

I would be very curious to see how you increased your product volume by going to 3 Dream Nights in a 4 day span. You & I both know you didn't. All you did was drop about $500 bucks in gas & time & admission fees to feel good about yourself and eat a meal with a bunch of other people in the same boat.

If you TRULY believe in the Amway business (powered by WWDB....whatever) then I would challenge you to show it to an already successful person who is not in Amway. I mean a person who is already a millionaire ie a net worth of a million bucks, cash flow is irrelevent. That's a make believe Amway response because a millionaire by definition will have a million at their disposal. Genuinely ask the opinion of a millionaire. I already know the answer you'll get but you obviously don't think I could be right. Don't forget that just because someone is not in Amway does not mean they don't have integrity. There are far more millionaires out of Amway than in it. Don't you ever forget that.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I wish you & yours a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012!


Blogger Joecool said...

When I was an IBO, the WWDB leaders stood on stage and said nobody made a profit on tools. We know know it was a bold faced lie. I believe these leaders ar money hungry liars. Brad Duncan, when I was an IBO, had a true north tape where he suggested that once you, as a leader with downline, could not cancel standing order subscriptions.

Thus if you sponsored three people who got on standing order, the expectation was for the "leader" to keep buying the standing orders as an incentive to replace the quitters. BRAD Duncan's rationale was that is was too much trouble, to call upline who called upline who called upline to cancel a standing order. Ironically, they did not mind if someone called upline, who called upline, who called upline to add a standing order.

I also find it ironic that BRAD Duncan is the one telling IBOs they can make "hundreds of thousands" of dollars a month in Amway. It sounds unethical at best, and possibly illegal.

11 December, 2011 00:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look up the interview Where Donald trump mentioned Amway. He said He wish he could have made his fortune with Amway instead and thinks he could have doubled it. Amway is running a billion dollars a month. I think its time you get educated rather than slander what you don't understand.

12 October, 2014 22:09  
Blogger rocket said...

Ahhh yes, the infamous Donald Trump quote.

Link please...... Aw, never mind friend!

I'll be sporting and tell you straight up, that interview never happened. Just another Amway legend to install hope into bleary eyed Ambots. Ask your upline for proof of that Trump statement, they won't have it.

Amway might be making money, but unless your last name is Devos or Van Andel, so what? It certainly doesn't translate into the average IBO making significant amounts of money.

4 questions:

1. How long you been in?

2. What was your last check?

3. How much are your expenses going to functions & buying motivation?

4. How much are you able to retail at retail prices to customers?

If any of those questions make you uncomfortable then you SHOULD be asking yourself why. You don't need to answer them to me, I don't care.

But I know what the answer to those questions are for MOST people. Go diamond!

13 October, 2014 00:53  

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