Sunday, October 28, 2007

Training and Education

I have not been around much for the past month or so. Life is happening. Hopefully life is going well enough for you that you also have better things to do than watch the blogs.

I have been reading over at the blog by Jimmy Payne, particularly the post about training and education. It brought up a train of thought that I wanted to share, consisting of 3 questions:

Why the focus on training and education?

Why is there so much training involved to be able to retail products?

Why does there seem to be the need to justify why these products cost more?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about training and educating yourself. I could understand it more if the training was geared towards bookkeeping, tax information and the like.

Most of the training seems to be geared towards justifying the product prices. Bad move. The free market will decide what is and what is not an acceptable price. Learning to spin and justify prices is not the key to financial freedom. It just isn't.

That's just my opinion though. Do you think that type of training is worth it?

In this post, the only one who even brings up products is Jeffrey. Jeffrey wants Quixtar to break up case lots, so that he doesn't have to outlay a bunch of money. Not a bad request, although he gets no acknowledgement.

I guess my point is, Quixtar still sucks. So does Amway. The method of distribution sucks, the prices suck, the entire concept to me, sucks.

Glad they're finally getting their shit together, but in my opinion, too little, and waaaay too late.

I'll put it this way. TEAM doesn't even have a product, and if I was forced to do one or the other, I'd do TEAM.

TEAM sucks too, by the way.