Saturday, January 07, 2012

Passion & Warriors

I get a real kick out of all the Amway system leaders, as well as the L.I.F.E (self anointed) Gurus. I love how they pretend to be some kind of superhero who are engaged in battling a made up goliath of mediocrity.

I wrote a post about the idiocy of some of Orrin Woodward's faithful and I think it was clear what I thought.

You all want motivation? Look around. You don't need to pay these idiots your hard earned cash to inspire you. Their inspiration is tainted by dollar signs and they depend on it to pay the bills. Besides, have they really taught you how to make money? That's what they claimed they could do when you decided to sign up.

I found something that kicks the hell out of anything Woody or WWDB has to offer. Woodward is always talking about being a warrior? That's pretty much an insult compared to this guy. Anyone who calls themselves a warrior is obviously trying to compensate for something. You figure it out.

Enjoy, and pay attention. You might learn something that could actually help you instead of just paying for more of the same.

I'm going to go and destroy something now. I suggest you do the same.


Anonymous Brent Hansen said...

Woodward and team warriors? hahaha.... Their so called "media war" is a bunch of truths wrapped around a lie. Nothing can succeed long-term unless there is truth at the center. Their words and teachings are not aligned with their business model. What more can you say?

19 February, 2012 12:28  

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