Sunday, January 04, 2009

PRo Amwayers taking a page from Amway's playbook?

It would appear that the patriot defenders of Amway are taking a breather from vigorous discussion with their arch nemesis critics.

They've left a few discussions hanging, and have vowed over at David Steadson's website that they won't be engaging the critics because it's not a good use of time.

You can do your own translation of what that means. Personally? My opinion is they've taken a shit kicking because people call them out on their arrogance, know it all attitudes, and feigned sincerity.

They aren't fooling me, nor anyone else who has been following along. Fact of the matter is they aren't building their Amway business, they aren't achieving any kind of notable success, and they aren't making any headway with the Corporation's changes.

It's all still the same. Amway isn't enforcing the rules like they said implied they would.

Cripes, you had David Steadson> IBOFB doing it semi professionally and it hasn't helped the reputation!

How long will this last? It's anyone's guess, but there will always be the new gung ho Amway Distributors that will try and defend the business online, only to fizzle out.

Anyway, I should point out that crazy old IBOFB already didn't keep his resolution, to wit:

Re: Happy New Year!

Postby ibofightback on Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:37 pm

"2007 I made a resolution to stop posting on QBlog forums. Made it through the year!

This year I'll add the following -

Any JoeCool blog
Any Rocket blog
Any QIAC blog
Any Tex blog

And I also vow not to reply to any of their posts on other sites."

But then he pops up over here!:

BloggerIBOFB said...CG,

A quick reply, I've decided to stop wasting my time with the likes of rocket, who spreads private information like my name and where I live - information I have never given out in connection with my Amway blogging....

...If you'd care for any followup, feel free to ask on
Amway Talk"

January 2, 2009 1:02 PM

So I'm not sure how much weight we can put into what IBOFB says.

Looks like he's given up the ghost about trying to remain anonymous though.

Good for him.

Seriously though folks, it's damn obvious to me that the Amway defenders have no desire to engage right now with the critics. I know why, and it's because when you are engaged in a conversation with a raw recruit who has no idea whatsoever about Amway and what it is, it's very easy to make them agreeable with your viewpoint.

After all, they're really in no position to argue are they? They don't know about the tools deception, the information control, the high prices, and they may not know about the poor reputation.

Pretty to easy to control that conversation, isn't it?

Now when those techniques are applied to someone who knows where the bear shit in the buckwheat, they are at a loss with how to handle it.

Enter the false sincerity and the hidden insults within kindly worded statements. But even those don't go the way they are planned because it's such a common part of the business that the critics don't let that go either!

And why should we? I mean really, we got some guy waging a war on critics who tries to dismiss critics as people who don't know what they're talking about, and for reasons unknown.

Then we got another gal who throws personal insults at people when she's trapped like a caged baboon, but tries to do it with (dis) grace so that it looks sincere and sweet. It doesn't work, and we aren't trying to just end an awkward conversation in which case 90% of people would just let it go.

If one of the regular critics was approached on the street by an IBO, 9 times out of 10, the critic would know more about Amway than the guy trying to recruit them.

So take a break Pro Amwayer! Do what your beloved Amway does. Look the other way and pretend the bad doesn't exist.

See how that works for ya!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking for inspiration

I'm having a tough time thinking about something good to write about. I would like to point out to all of the people looking for answers from Bridgett that they will likely be waiting a while.

This brings me to my thoughts today. Amway really hasn't changed. In my opinion, Amway really doesn't want to change. I know there has to be a reason, but it's likely complicated and political.

The problem that Bridgett (and many, many others) face is that when you get into discussions with people, more often than not, the truth really pisses you off. Especially when you've pinned a lot of hope and effort into a certain thing.

Believe me, I know. I've been disappointed professionally many times. But the one thing I always ask myself is, "Can I do something about it"? If I can, I do. If I can't, I don't, and I move on and influence whatever small thing that I can make a difference with. Unfortunately, as long as Amway allows things to continue as they have, there is no IBO who is in a position to change the devastating response that the Amway name brings with a number of prospects.

Some things that have changed? Amway is online with their Opportunity Zone. A bunch of rhetoric, and quite frankly, Robin Luymes is about the only one who really seems passionate about trying to give Amway a good name. I think he's the kind of guy that no matter what he was doing, he'd do his best at it.

David Steadson IBOFB is also another thing that has changed the face of Amway, and not for the good. More often than not, he has pissed people off who were just having an innocent discussion about Amway. It's funny, because people would've had the conversation and basically concluded that Amway was something that didn't work and walked away indifferent to the deal because they didn't know much about it.

Instead, in walks the Batman of Amway to defend it's virtue, uninvited of course. After getting the thread shut down to shut him up, those same people walk away vowing to NEVER, EVER! get involved with a bunch of idiots in Amway BECAUSE of him!

I've already voiced my thoughts on this matter, but more recently, I've had a discussion with Curious George at his blog about this self annointed defender of the faith. Ironically, the post is about Quixtar and lying. Steadson himself lies in his responses by saying that I was suspected of posting under a bunch of different ID's, and that he caught me doing it at his site.

Batman isn't supposed to lie. Batman is supposed to tell the truth. Batman is supposed to be on the side of good. Batman doesn't walk in uninvited and piss people off. Batman never is belittling or insulting.

I guess my question is, why would anyone think that what IBOFB is doing would work? I don't believe he's stupid, but I mean really, who is stupid enough to think that will work? And why? Why would you do it?

He's not building a business in Amway and right now has no intentions of doing so.

That's the same thing as me saying that I am going to invest a bunch of time and money into building a house that I'm not going to live in.

There is a point, faithful reader. Trust me. There is a method to his madness, and it may not ever come out.

Maybe he is getting paid from a "leader", maybe he's not.

Maybe he's doing a thesis on communications to complete his degree.

Maybe he's doing a social experiment.

Maybe it will boost his ego to be responsible for singlehandedly changing the reputation of a company (which obviously would be worth something monetary wise, no?)

Maybe his life's mission is to make an environment where all IBO's can succeed.

Maybe he's a crackpot with too much time on his hands.

Whatever his reasons are, they are his reasons. But if he's going to be so reticent, then people will speculate. I personally am offended that he would have me believe that he's not building a business, and yet has such a time investment in defending Amway.

But again, I don't know why the hell he does what he does. Do I care? Not really, but it is interesting. I'm sure the truth about the whole affair wouldn't be as interesting as the mystery behind it. Nor surprising.

I am still looking forward to hearing if "Bill's" upline comes clean about the tools profits, or continues breaking the rules.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on IBOFB's motivation.