Friday, November 21, 2014

Interesting Video

Have a look see!

I've contacted Amway's BCR to see if this is an acceptable business practice or not.  I think it's neat to try and build excitement but this is clearly not the norm for most IBO's.

I'll let you know what Amway thinks if they choose to respond, but what do you think?  

I can see why IBO's want this type of exposure, but do you think it's ok to "sell" it this way?

Some people may find it misleading, others might see it as the true potential of what people are able to achieve with their Amway business.    

I can't help but notice there's more said about the right CD's and books and association, but not a great deal about the selling of Amway products.

I'm curious about what this guy's tool checks (if he's participating in system profits by selling books, CD's and gets a percentage of the major functions) amount to!