Saturday, March 18, 2006

Achems Razor

All things being equal, the most simple explanation is probably the correct explanation.

This comes to mind when reading the Dead Or Alive comments posted by this fellow, to wit:

"surely you jest to think I would just arbitrarily give you that information? Are you that naive? This is yet another one of your baited topics as usual."

Yet in this comment section, just a while back, he tells me he’s working with his diamond on this very thing.

Now, this post is NOT about Michael. He is one of many people defending their "leadership" The thing is, why is it so hush hush? What’s with the Cloak and Dagger? If your "business" is clearly without fault, then why would you not want a critic to be shown the goods to shut his/her mouth? Better yet, where the hell are your "leaders" when you IBO’s are taking a beating out here? Why don’t the "leaders" get their asses out here and lead? The "leaders" say they love you and will be there for you.

Well, where are they? (Insert sounds of crickets chirping here)

Somewhere In Between had a very thought provoking comment when he said

"Sounds alot like major record labels fighting 'illegal downloads/filesharing'."

Yep, it’s actually a lot like that, although a little less public. Because of that little consumer revolution, the music industry was forced to change the way it does business. Yet the Quixtar/Amway "leaders" hang on to the old way. Why do you suppose that is? The only difference in this particular situation is that outside Quixtar/Amway, people tend for the most part to think for themselves.

Brad came through with a good thought.

"It is inevitable to convert with the technology (tape-cd then to mp3 or other) How long will it take? Who is fighting to keep it this way? I can say with confidence, i personally don't know. ANd honestly, you don't personally know either. It is all speculation"

Brad’s right. It really is speculation. However, despite the fact that Brad is right about it being speculation, Brad himself is basing his "business" on speculation.

Troubling that he is running a "business" in which he either does not have all the answers, or does not qualify to have the answers.

So, in the spirit of Brad’s comment to my thoughts being speculation, we go back to Achems Razor as it relates to the motivational tools system.

Using the theory of Achems Razor, I deduce the following:

1. There is no website available to any IBO from which to download the motivation at no cost

2. If this phantom website does exist, it ain’t free.

3. The reason motivation exists is for profit, not to enhance anybody’s business

4. The people who profit from the motivation are not interested in making it free (or even cheap)

5. Dispersal of motivation on the internet would be easier and cheaper than the current way, it's not streamlined because of profit margins for very few.

Somebody PLEASE restore my faith in mankind and prove otherwise.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Qrush Called Out!

I downloaded a Podcast from Truth's Quixtar Inside and Out Radio.

The Podcast got cut off on me, but just in case you haven't heard it yet, I urge you to do so.

Truth has extended an open invitation to Qrush to appear on his Podcast, anytime. He also said he'd be willing to have the big guy on as well with the little guy!

That would be a great Podcast. You could probably get money for it if it was a pay-per-view event.

Qrush, you are a funny little man. Why not show how confident you are with what you proclaim and go for it?

Or are you more comfortable calling people homosexuals because you can't defend your position?

Ha Ha! Go get 'em Qrush! You simply add the punctuation to a pretty obvious point.

You got nuthin'

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dead Or Alive

I got to thinking after being engaged in a rather amusing yet lengthy debate over at Quixtar Blog.

Some lyrics came to my head from the Bon Jovi song "Dead Or Alive"

"It's all the same, Only the names'll change...."

Oh so true. What we have here is a debate that has been done over and over and over again.

End Result - The Same.

The folks affectionately known as "Bots" never seem to walk away with even a moral victory.

My most recent beef has simply got to be their persistant defense of the motivational CD business. I get this argument time and time again that the motivational speeches simply cannot be emailed to one another. Everyone knows how to have a group in their email, right? Soooooo, attach the recording to the email to the group and press send. No fees, no shipping, no waiting, and you have the most recent speech possible. Even if it was recorded at the function, it could be emailed out to those who couldn't attend within 5 minutes from it's conclusion.

Even better, you could have a live feed for an online function. No travel, no muss, no fuss.

Instant Franchise had mentioned that he was "working with his diamond" to find a better way. Nothing yet, I guess. By the way Mike, did you find any place yet where I denied ever being an IBO? Keep me posted as you search frantically ok?

The excuses are really becoming quite funny, yet lame.

The funniest was from Creylish, who said that his group was having a hard time navigating the web, let alone opening an email attachment, and that it was just not possible.

It's a web based business, #1. People are having a hard time understanding how to open up an email attachment? Who are you sponsoring, people who have been living on the moon in a cave with their hands over their ears and their eyes shut tight? I thought you were supposed to sponsor up. My 10 year old can open an email attachment. So can my 60 year old mother.

#2, Even I, with a pathetic dial up connection have downloaded a few podcasts from QBlog Radio and Truth at Quixtar Inside and Out Podcasts. It's not hard. Yep, it would be quicker with DSL, and I'll soon be moving to a place with DSL. For now, it is certainly workable.

It's pretty obvious that the reason these motivational speeches are NOT distributed via email is because there is a large profit to be made by the people who promote the sale of these CD's.

Someone, hell ANYONE, please give me just one simple reason that the motivation comes in the most INEFFICIENT manner possible.

Just one. Other than because your upline needs the money.