Monday, January 09, 2012


True Growth has nothing to do with doubling anything other than your business volume and profits......

Sorry. My bad. Thinking in real business like terms.

I have no doubt that Brad Duncan has grown his profits because there are people buying his unproven motivation. The real question would be what about YOUR business?

Yeah. Stupid reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great observation and response Rocket!

P.S.: Love that this blog now serves as the banished/exiled comment annex for Expeditions of Truth. Heh.


09 January, 2012 15:42  
Blogger rocket said...

Yes indeed Daniel. Of course, that's because Amway guys and WWDB have nothing to hide.....

Feel free to chip in whenever you like!

That goes for any LIFE, WWDB, BRITT member or Amway IBO.

Just because it's not what you WANT to hear doesn't mean it's wrong.

09 January, 2012 18:17  

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