Thursday, May 28, 2015

Is This Going To Be A Thing Now?

I was over at Amthrax's Blog and read with much interest  Dean Kosage decided to change his name to Dean Grey.

Apparently he got involved with a company called Allysian which appears to be some other MLM type deal.

Then I did a double take when I was checking out the Facebook page and saw a guy named Casey James is doing a webinar.  

Take a good look at Casey James above and on the Allysian page.  Does he ring a bell?

I think that's Casey Combden, who was in Amway many years back, and who got himself into a bit of hot water doing cold readings at Amway functions....kinda funny in a sad way.  He also had trouble with one of his promotions while he was in Amway, apparently.  He also seemed to have great plans involving the motivational tools business that must not have panned out.

Anyway, I do a simple Google on Casey Combden and get his Facebook page with the following image:

So clearly it's the same guy, unless I've got too much peppermint in my gum.  I guess he's just using his middle name as his last name for some reason.

Anyway, I just thought that was really interesting.  I wonder if we won't see more of these ex Amway /MLM leader type folks changing their names, or using their names in a different order seemingly in an attempt to distance themselves from...themselves when getting Googled.

Just something I came across and it sorta surprised me.  Kinda.  Why do you suppose they would do that?

I concede it could be taken as a bit hypocritical coming from an anonymous blogger criticizing someone for distancing themselves from their past, but you also aren't investigating me trying to sell you a business, an opportunity, or trusting me with your money.  You're free to read this or not and I gain nothing from you whether you like me or not.  

But if I was going into business with you, wouldn't that matter?  My history?  My character?  My reputation?  

Food for thought.  Take care!

P.S.  If you get a chance, go see my buddy Dave Robison who has risen from the ashes in the blogosphere.  On The Road With Dave is always a good, genuine read from a good, genuine guy.