Saturday, July 29, 2006

Some Good Advice

Here's a great link for all my fellow Canucks who have chosen to operate a business powered by Quixtar.

Obviously, this guy has seen this a number of times and felt it pertinent to make a warning at the bottom of the page starting off with:

" In my career as an Income Tax accountant with many hundreds of clients, I "Saw it All." So very, very frequently, a client who was otherwise a reasonably intelligent person would, with great excitement explain to me that (s)he had gone "into business" and was on the verge of becoming a very wealthy person."

Troubling that this is not a one time deal for this guy. More troubling is the numerous things a real business owner needs to consider when operating a business.

All Quixtar powered "I"BO's, have you registered for a GST number?

Don forget that
if you will be selling a product of any kind, and you will use some of that product yourself, keep track of the cost of all such product used. This will be needed to determine your profit/loss.

That's if you do have any profit to speak of.

Or sales.

I find it rather astonishing myself how very little Quixtar leaders in Canada explain the proper way to run a business.

But I'm being sarcastic too when I say I find it astonishing...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

An Appeal For Help

Hi All. I was over at the IBOA International site, and couldn't help but get the feeling that perhaps the critics are getting to Quixtar. One statement that made me laugh out loud was:

" These Internet critics have victimized many individuals and companies in the past ten years, including Quixtar and certain IBOs. Various strategies have been employed to thwart their efforts, including litigation, sponsoring websites responding to the misinformation, or simply ignoring the critics. Because of the zeal of some of the critics, most of the strategies used have generally been ineffective."

You can view the entire site HERE

Where to start?

First off, the critics in my opinion, are simply criticizing what is obviously criticizable. Quixtar has allowed the "leaders" to present bogus profit innuendos, presumably so that Quixtar itself can continue to grow. Make sure you get it right about who the victims are. Jody Victor, in my opinion, is anything but a victim. If he's reading this, he can also kiss my ass.

Secondly, this "zeal" that is spoken. I think that when you have people waking up to the reality of what Quixtar has allowed, I would imagine you'll come across some pretty pissed off people. Pissed off because they were lied to by both the "leaders" and Quixtar, either directly or indirectly.

So here it is, my question to Jody Victor, Quixtar or any Quixtar critic critic, which anyone is welcome to answer by posting a comment or emailing me.

What exactly it is that the critics are wrong about?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What To Do?

Recently, on Quixtar Blog, the subject has come up as to what exactly Quixtar's course of action will be to give their business a better look to anyone researching the opportunity.

Their original plan of attempting to flood the net with a bunch of sites with no meaning was a dismal failure, and probably exacerbated the problem.

I'd like to hear what the content of these meetings is when they discuss the matter in the boardrooms. A few things I wonder are:

- Do any of the "leaders" sit in on these meetings?

- Does Quixtar TRULY understand what the problem is?..check that..Is Quixtar WILLING to understand what the problem is?

- Does Quixtar have a solid, definite plan to deal with this? Quixtar alone? Or will the "leaders" have a say by default?

- Why won't Quixtar just start fresh, and fix the problem? Ty has made it clear that he doesn't think Quixtar will deal with it. I tend to agree with him.

At the end of the day, I really wonder what would have to happen for Quixtar (the company, not the IBO "leaders") to truly address this?

They HAVE to know that their business is getting pummelled with the information available about it. How long has the web been around now? 10 years that most people either had a computer or access to the net on a regular basis?

Does Quixtar not realize that their lack of action is sooooo prohibitive to the rank & file IBO who actually run their business with integrity?

I think the message to Quixtar is pretty clear. Change, or be changed.

Change is going to occur to Quixtar. I guess what is up to them is if they want to instill positive change for less money, or just let the snowball keep building and continue to not hold the "leaders" accountable.

Mevi allegedly had a meeting with a high ranking "leader" who professed ignorance of what is going on in his organization. I personally don't buy it.

That kind of see no evil hear no evil approach will do nothing but ensure Quixtar continues down the road they find themselves on now.......I don't know how far this road will take them.

What do YOU think Quixtar should be doing?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Can you name one?

I was over at Scott Larsen's site and came across an email from an IBO who was doing the right thing and honourably clearing up an exaggeration she had made to Mr. Larsen. I find her coming clean with the truth about her particular situation speaks volume about her true character.

I think it also shows pretty clearly that people are told things from their upline that make the question go away, but at the same time, does not have much in the way of substance. To wit:

"There ARE groups who are teaching their sponsored people the wrong way. But if Quixtar corporation finds out, and they do eventually, that group is severed from the business, and that's when people get angry...because of all the money they lose."

You can read the entire email here

Can you name a group that has been severed from Quixtar? Not a person, but a group? I couldn't.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

Hey everyone. July 1st is Canada Day.

If you're Canadian, make sure you take the time to remember how truly fortunate we are to live in this magnificent country.

I cannot imagine calling any other country home.

I have to work tonight, and the wife and kids are away at an in-law's wedding.

No fireworks for me, but it's still a great day.